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How to Use Fridge Magnets to Target Your Local Market

How to Use Fridge Magnets to Target Your Local Market


Whether you are an owner of a small company or run a large corporation, you know that in these days you must make every dollar spent for marketing count.  While marketers focus their efforts toward modern advertising environments like integrated social networks, targeted online ads and mobile apps, one of the most creative, effective and affordable marketing tools you can use to advertise your business is represented by the fridge magnets.

The fridge magnets are a powerful way to build your brand and to advertise your products and services. Although some advertisers might say there is no guarantee, it still has a very successful track record for a number of reasons.  First is versatility. Fridge magnet can have multiple purposes, shapes, and designs that stay long in front of your eyes. Second, because they can be fully customized, depending on your business needs and budget.

One thing is certain: the fridge magnets stay for many years in most people’s fridge doors. More than any other indoor marketing tool. Taking into consideration the very small prices of the fridge magnets will give a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

Before designing the fridge magnet, you should think about what you hope to achieve using this marketing tool.

Usually, companies use them for two purposes:

    • To increase their brand awareness and recognition among their customers
    • To increase their sales

Knowing your target audience and determining what you hope to achieve in your campaign are the most important keys in designing effective fridge magnet.

Your fridge magnet design must be stunning no matter what your marketing objective is. For this reason, you could use vibrant colors or unusual shapes or both of them.

Usually, the companies that use the fridge magnets to increase their sales tend to be service-oriented. A good example is a home-repair contractor or food-delivery companies. In this case, it is important to keep the design simple. Something like a logo, contact details, phone number, and simple color scheme.

Also, it’s important to give your audience a reason for basic references. It will help them consult on a weekly or daily basis. So, you can print on your fridge magnet a converter chart for cooking, for example. If you target your local market, you may turn your fridge magnet into a mini-calendar, a schedule sports team and so on.

For a fresh food market or a grocery shop, adding a shopping list to your customized fridge magnet would be a great idea. The goal is to turn your fridge magnets into a useful reference for your customers. Repetition is the key to direct-marketing success. Turning your fridge magnets into useful things for your customers will make you enjoy its benefits from a single cost-effective print run.

Another useful item that can be included in your fridge magnet design is an incentive element, like a coupon code. Every time when the customer uses the code, he receives a percentage discount, for example. This will help you to turn the customers who take advantage of your offer into loyal customers. In addition, you will have a tool to measure the results of your fridge magnet campaign.

As a way to reinforce your brand, the car magnets are important in the branding process. They should be taken into consideration by all companies, not only the small and medium ones. As a marketer, you will get value out of them more than you will get from other main media tool.

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