Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter

Business cards seem outrageously old-fashioned and outdated, especially in this digital age. Many consider this as a waste of money and hugely impractical because almost anything you want to know about a business is already available online. Sadly, only those who have used business cards can fully appreciate their value, and those who have brushed aside their potential are missing out on key opportunities.

Here are 4 reasons why business cards still carry significance, and why no decent business should be without them:

  1. Business cards help build relationships.

People who have grown tired of mobile devices and internet have observed that the technology that is supposed to bring people together is the same catalyst for being disconnected from one another. People who are buried in their mobile phones are suffering from the extremes of being social and is the same case when it comes to making business connections and networking. Sending your contact information via text or email is convenient, but it reduces the interaction to just data sharing and leaves nothing tangible to mark the encounter. However, business cards help bridge this gap and make the exchange more personal and memorable.

  1. Business cards are great for direct marketing.

Marketing and advertising campaigns have the same goal of getting leads for business.  While both are equally crucial to any business, it relies on waiting for the lead or prospect to eventually take action. In face to face situations with the interested prospects, business cards can help transition the encounter from friendly chitchat to a real business opportunity.

  1. Business cards make great first impressions.

All business person would make an effort to have a good and lasting impression during the first-time conversation with a lead or prospect. This is rather difficult to achieve, especially if everyone else is thinking the same thing. A skillfully crafted business card can spell all the difference. Keep in mind that business cards are an extension of your brand. It’s your prospect’s first taste of what your business has to offer, and they get to take it home with them.

  1. Having business cards mean that you are prepared.

In a networking opportunity, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable to have someone’s card and not being able to offer an exchange. These can be rather awkward and can lead to a number of negative perceptions about you and your business.

Business cards still matter. But it’s also important to note that business cards will not get the job done on their own. Careful follow up with your prospects after the exchange is tantamount to building a relationship with them.

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Using Business Cards To Build Business Relationships

Using Business Cards To Build Business Relationships

More and more entrepreneurs and business owners are ditching business cards in favor of modern media. It’s not unusual for people not to carry business cards anymore; some even don’t have any at all. While business cards may no longer be the norm when it comes to gathering and exchanging contact information, they are certainly not obsolete. Business card designs are constantly evolving to keep up with the changing times, and what’s better, the new ways to turn those business cards into business relationships are also making the rounds.

Here are a few tips to ensure that what started with a business card can end in a promising business relationship:


Many people tend to be preoccupied with distributing their cards that they forget to get cards from their prospects, too. Business card etiquette says that when someone offers you a card, you should offer one of your own. When this doesn’t happen, you can politely ask the prospect’s card. Don’t fret if they don’t have a card to give; you can ask for their email instead. Never let the lack of a card restrain you from getting their contact information – this is what will let you follow up instead of waiting for them to make the next move.


Having a nice collection of cards from your prospects won’t do you any good if you don’t use the information that’s in them. First, create a system for those cards. If you are comfortable, you can turn the cards into a digital format. Find out what resources are available to you to make the job easier .There are apps that can take a picture of the card and convert the text and add it to your phone contacts. You can also use apps that geotag the information to remind you where the initial meeting took place. If you don’t want to go digital with your approach, just make sure that you have those business cards filed and labeled in one place.


Following up is the most crucial step in the initial stages of building that business relationship. Simply touching base or checking in with your prospect is generic, and quite frankly, weak. Relevant follow ups always mention something about what was discussed in that initial meeting, whether it be a shared interest or experience, or whatever it was that got the conversation rolling. This adds an air of sincerity and makes the message personal. If you want to be more bold and hard to ignore with your follow up, try sending a short video message instead of an email or phone call.


Business discussions can be delayed if you rely solely on email, specifically because there is so much waiting going back and forth. This can be especially counterproductive when trying to set your next meeting. To make it less time-consuming, try using an online calendar that would simply let your prospect choose the time. Also, you can do a video call which is more personal and can get an immediate response.

There are no shortcuts to building business relationships, but having the right building blocks, like a business card, can certainly help get you on your way.


Magnets Every Business Should Have

Magnets Every Business Should Have

The most effective marketing and advertising tools are those that you can see both in and out of the home. Now, consider those same tools and a) add the flexibility of being able to attach and detach them as needed, or b) let your customer do the work of sticking them to one of the most prominent surfaces in the home. What better way to promote and reinforce your brand and your business than with the use of magnets?

Here are four magnets every business should have that are inexpensive yet bring a substantial return on your investment:


Car magnets are a great way to get your business visibility on the road. Car magnets are way cheaper than those oversized billboards, and you are not limited to just one area – whenever your car is mobile, so is your sign. The remarkable thing is that these magnets still do the work even if you’re just parked on the street, running errands from point A to point B, or even if you’re simply stuck in traffic. And unlike car wraps, if you want to transform your vehicle back to a personal car, all you have to do is remove the magnet and simply reattach it for future use.


With the new year fast approaching, every business needs a custom calendar as a simple gift or a corporate giveaway. Most businesses opt for cheap poster calendars, which very few people hardly ever use – frankly, some of these calendars can be a huge eyesore and just don’t go well with the home’s interior décor, plus sticking or mounting them on a wall can leave permanent marks or damage. On the other hand, calendar magnets have earned their right on every home’s fridge door and perhaps can even help organize that cluttered surface.


Business cards are still essential in any business. In an attempt to veer away from the traditional 3.5 x 2-inch card size, many businesses are trying other shapes and sizes, which could be effective in making a business card stand out from a sea of other cards  – but being effective would only go as far as how visible the cards are. If everyone was tidy and organized, chances are your card will be kept with other cards plus your customer would have to specifically look for your card if they wanted to get in touch with you. If you had a magnetic business card, your information would always be visible on their fridge door, and there would be no chance of your card getting lost or misplaced.


Fridge magnets are an inexpensive and easy way to advertise in your customers’ home. Whether it contains your business information or anything that represents what you do, fridge magnets would be a constant reminder that they don’t have to look far to get in touch with you.

Whichever magnets you need, FMF can customize them for you. Choose one or get all four, and let your magnets attract more business for your store! And for all your printing and advertising needs, contact Adpost Group.

Advertising Tips and Tricks

How To Make Your Flyers Connect With Your Audience

How To Make Your Flyers Connect With Your Audience

A typical flyer is usually a one-way form of communication – a business has something to offer and they want the public to know about it. Flyers that are singularly informational in purpose can still get noticed, maybe even spark curiosity in some audience, but there’s a fine line between talking to your audience and speaking with them. To interact with your audience, your flyer should first engage and connect with your audience.

Here are some useful tips to make your flyers more audience-friendly and interactive:


Develop a voice for your brand. This is a purposeful and consistent way of speaking to your customers across all your marketing platforms, both in the tone of communications as well as writing style. Without a brand voice, your flyer tries to appeal to anyone and everyone, and from there, it’s hit or miss. More importantly, the voice of your brand is intended to speak to your target audience. One person at a time – and this is essential in establishing that connection.


With the information that keeps getting shoved in their faces, people are growing numb and indifferent. Instead of telling your audience what you want them to know, formulate a question that makes them think or feel that they would like to know the answer. Since every business has a different target market, there is no one size fits all approach to formulating the right question. Knowing what makes your audience tick will let you arrive at the right questions to trigger it, resulting in an instant connection. Furthermore, one question is usually enough; a barrage of questions are annoying and can even make your audience feel inadequate when they don’t know the answer.


Similar to having a unique brand voice, being original in your flyer content and style gives your customers a glimpse of what you have to offer. If you will be using the same catchphrases as your competition, for example, your audience will not have too much confidence in you. Instead of recycling and repurposing old ideas, come up with one of your own and develop it fully. If your audience found something they can’t get anywhere else they can obviously tell it.


Getting feedback or tagging on a survey to your flyer is another great way to connect with your audience. This works two-fold: you are letting your audience know that you value their ideas, and you’re giving them something to act on. Even if your flyer doesn’t lead to a sale, getting your audience’s feedback can help you deliver better products and services in the future.


Customer testimonials let your audience know that there are real people who trust your brand. When using a testimonial on a flyer, make sure that it is honest and direct to the point. Overly edited testimonials appear fake and unreliable and will only hurt your brand.

It may seem overly ambitious to expect so much from such a small piece of paper. But when your flyers connect with your audience, the returns will connect with your pocket.

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5 Easy Steps To Getting The Perfect Custom Car Magnet

5 Easy Steps To Getting The Perfect Custom Car Magnet

Whenever anyone goes through the trouble of getting anything customized, there is always that natural excitement of getting something that was just an idea transformed into something tangible. But between putting together the idea and actually holding the custom item in your hand, there is a lot of agonizing anticipation and hopeful expectation. This is especially true for custom car magnets, but with added strain, especially if it will be used for business.

To make sure that you’ve got all bases covered and those marketing dollars don’t go to waste, follow these 5 easy steps to getting the perfect custom car magnet for your business:

Step 1: Know what you’re made of!

Well, in this case, know what your car door is made of. A lot of manufacturers are now using aluminum or even fiberglass for car doors, and this obviously will not work.  An easy trick is to grab one of your fridge magnets from the kitchen and see if it’ll stick. Another thing to look out for are any bevels or molding – if so, you may need to adjust the size of your magnet, which brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Size does matter!

Once you’re sure your car door is magnet-friendly, it’s time to decide 1) what shape you want your magnet to be, and 2) how big you want it to be. FMF provides magnets in standard shapes, but you can get custom shapes made as well.  Always check your measurements!

Step 3: Let me introduce myself…

Your car magnet should clearly represent you and your company. As such, there are a few essential pieces of information to have on your magnet: your company name, logo, phone number, and website or your online platform. Some people feel that websites and phone numbers would be hard to remember, so it may also help to have a QR code. Adding a very short message or company slogan is advisable, especially if your business name does not clearly state what industry you’re in.

Step 4: Get creative!

Now that you know what information to put on your magnet, it’s time to create your design around that information and within your chosen magnet size. When using color or graphics, these should contrast with your car color to allow the magnet to stand out. Use graphics as needed, like to represent what your business does, otherwise, solid colors would be sufficient.  A clean and simple lay out is always best for car magnets.

Step 5: Start the count!

One car magnet is never enough! Take full advantage of your car’s potential by getting a magnet for each side of your vehicle. You can also ask other employees or friends and family to use your car magnets on their personal vehicles. This will surely help you get maximum exposure for your business.

Once you’ve completed all 5 steps, you’re ready to order. Contact FMF and get your car magnets in 10 business days, or avail of our Express Service for much faster delivery! The sooner you get that car magnet on the road, the better!


Fridge Door Facelift

Fridge Door Facelift

Getting tired of your fridge? Does it look tired, plain, or just too cluttered? When you look at your fridge door, do you go “Wow” or “Ugh”? Since your fridge is one of the first things you go to in the morning, that rectangular piece of an appliance can actually affect how you go about your day. Instead of being welcomed with lists and reminders and clutter in the morning, why not do yourself a favor and give it a much-needed facelift?

Check out these fridge facelift ideas that won’t break the bank:





Chalkboard paint is one of the cheapest ways you can give your fridge a makeover. Use just on the doors or all over, the charm and functionality is hard to argue. Remove the handle and lightly sand the surface to help the paint adhere to it. Now, you can actually apply the paint two ways: with a foam paint roller (to avoid brush marks), or using paint in a spray can (although this would cost more). Apply 2-3 coats, making sure each coat is completely dry before applying the next one.

Tip: Instead of using regular white chalk, use liquid chalk markers for more color and no chalk dust!




If you want to change the fridge’s look but are hesitant to make any changes irreversible, then removable peel-and-stick wallpapers are the best option for you. Start by removing the handle, then dampen the surface with a wet cloth for maximum cling. These wallpapers come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and designs, and are easy to install (only takes a couple of hours to cover your entire fridge), and the adhesive comes off easily should you decide that you want a different design down the line.

Tip: Use patterned wallpaper for the doors and solid color for the sides, or vice versa.




Beadboard panels give your fridge door that warm, cottage feel that looks customized and expensive. You don’t need to go to the professionals to get the beadboard panel on your fridge door, just the beadboard and chair rail (you can also use a couple of strap hinges and a handle to match). Substitute pine lining for beadboard, that way you can just get the number of planks you need, and they easily snap together. Stick the panels to your fridge door with polyurethane glue, use half-round molding for the edges, and paint to match your kitchen cabinets (or not!).

Tip: Give your paneled fridge door an aged look by lightly sanding the surface.




If you don’t want to change or touch your fridge’s finish, an excellent option would be to use fridge magnets – with a twist. Ever wondered how you could display those Instagram photos you’ve posted over the years? What about having a piece of art right on your fridge door? Turn your photos into magnets, or turn a Rembrandt or da Vinci into pixelated magnet art. There are many websites where you can turn your picture into pixel art for free!

Tip: Square magnets are the easiest to assemble on your fridge door, but you can have your magnets cut and customized any way you like. Contact FMF for your custom fridge magnets today!

Give your fridge a makeover and say goodbye to “Ugh” mornings forever!


Business Cards: Paper Or Magnet?

Business Cards Paper Or Magnet

Business cards are always part of the first impression you make to potential customers. No matter how technologically advanced we become, business cards remain one of those marketing essentials that people still prefer. Nothing beats a good business card. You can get them in practically any shape and size, in any finish, in any design. You can also get them made from traditional card stock, plastic, or even magnetic business cards.

Here are a few distinctions between the two:

  1. COST

Having business cards is always a form of investment. As far as investments go, magnetic business cards would cost more than your regular business cards. In terms of value, magnetic business cards have a higher chance of the item being kept than their paper or plastic versions.


The business cards you receive or give usually get stored in some form of card organizer. This means that a number of other businesses share and compete for attention and visibility when it comes time to take a card out and transact business. Obviously, the more visible and stand out your card, the better the chances of it being picked first. When it comes to magnetic business cards, the process of selecting a card from the stack is eliminated for your customer – your information is already right there on their fridge door.


We are all familiar with the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” This is true for most businesses unless your business is already a household name. The key is to be seen often enough that your business becomes subconsciously imprinted on your customers’ mind. When your business information is kept filed away somewhere, you have to rely on the impact of your first impression so the customer will remember you when it comes time to do business. Magnetic business cards, on the other hand, are already on the fridge door. Imagine how many times in a day your customers visit their fridge – that’s how many times you get to reinforce the idea of your business.


Compared to paper or even plastic business cards, magnetic business cards are certainly more durable. Magnetic business cards are flexible and can stay flat on the fridge surface for years, unlike paper which can get easily torn and lose their newness from too much handling.


Paper business cards have one purpose – to provide contact information about your business. However, magnetic business has a function of being able to stick other objects on the fridge door.

Whatever type of business card you use, make sure that it is something you would be proud to give to your potential customers. And if you want a business card that will bring you more business with minimal effort, get magnetic business cards. Order your quality custom magnetic business cards from FMF today!

Advertising Tips and Tricks

10 Advertising Mistakes (part 2)

10 Advertising Mistakes Part 2

Last week, we discussed 5 common mistakes in advertising. Those mistakes arise from lack of research and planning, and that translates to marketing dollars going up in smoke.

Here are a few more advertising mistakes to avoid to help you protect your investment:


Emphasizing how your product or service can benefit your potential customer is very important especially to a business that caters to consumers. Nobody wants to read a laundry list of product features and in the end, not know why they would want or need it in the first place. When selling to consumers, you have to create the need and sell the benefits so you can create that connection with your audience. On the other hand though, if you are trying to sell to another business, studies have shown that it is more effective to actually promote the technical aspects of the product or service instead.


As discussed in Part 1, many businesses make the mistake of trying to offer everything at once. The same is true when trying to launch or offer a new product. Of course, offering something new has the potential to attract more customers and hopefully bring in new and more business. However, if the original product or service still works, you should still continue to promote and offer what your customers are familiar with. The bottom line: when promoting a new product or service, the business doesn’t have to abandon what it started with.


From time to time, you would encounter inquiries about your products or services from random people and never heard back again. Many businesses assume that those are people who are not interested or may have found a better deal elsewhere. However, throwing away a potential lead because of an assumption is like throwing away an opportunity. It is better to follow up on those people through gentle reminders that the offer is still on the table. Make them aware of other products or services that you do offer which they may need in the future.


Businesses that are stuck in the Stone Age will never make it in today’s world. Most consumers would refer to the internet when trying to get information about a business. If your business is not online, you are seriously limiting the marketing reach of your business. Also, having an online presence allows you to communicate with and advertise to your audience in numerous, effective ways. Observe what online trends are effective and expand your reach in no time.


If you only advertise during your peak season, then you can bet that customers will forget you for the rest of the year. On the other hand, if you advertise all the time, then you will end up breaking the bank. The key is to find the right frequency when it comes to marketing and advertising. Finding the right marketing tools also brings the most visibility. For instance, using car magnets on your vehicle is a relatively inexpensive way of marketing your brand and having a movable advertisement year round. You can order your custom car magnets from FMF and let the magnets do the advertising for you!

There are many mistakes that businesses can commit when it comes to advertising. Fortunately, all it takes is a little bit of research and planning to make your advertising efforts worth your while.

Advertising Tips and Tricks

10 Advertising Mistakes (part 1)

10 Advertising Mistakes (part 1)

Any business faces that struggle of getting the word out, especially during the first year. Advertising is such a crucial part of business success. Not to advertise is like shooting yourself in the foot, you can’t sit around and wait for people to discover what you have to offer. Choosing to advertise your business is not as simple as making a decision and knowing how much to spend. Coming up with a plan or strategy to advertise can be daunting, but knowing what you should not do can help set you on the right path.

Here are the first 5 of 10 advertising mistakes you should steer clear of:


There are many ways to advertise, but if you do not keep track of your marketing campaign’s results, there is no way to tell what works and what doesn’t. Placing an ad or running a campaign does not automatically translate to more customers. However, knowing what delivers better results means that you can invest more in that particular campaign. Keeping track of your campaign’s success puts your marketing dollars where you can get the most return on your investment. Using coupons and personalized URLs in your marketing material can help eliminate the guesswork in your campaign’s effectiveness.


Consider brands that have become household names. What do they have in common? For one, these brands are effective because they are easy to remember – there is a unified theme or color in their marketing and advertising campaigns.  Sticking to a specific theme or color scheme makes your brand easier to recall because it becomes synonymous with your brand’s identity. Now, this doesn’t mean that you use the same design over and over in all your marketing materials, but the idea is for your designs to be cohesive and communicate your brand when somebody sees it.


In extreme terms, consider advertising an online service purely offline. Sounds ridiculous, right? Choosing the right media for your advertisements is crucial to the success of your campaign. If you were offering services for the home like plumbing or lawn care, you wouldn’t be setting up posters on the street or hanging banners – you would use a fridge magnet for easy visibility right where it’s needed – in the home.


A mistake common to start-ups is the pressure to offer more than just one thing. Being versatile is of course an advantage, but when you are just in the process of trying to build a name for yourself, trying to offer a little bit of everything takes the focus away from what your specialty is. It is best to first build on one product or service at a time.


Customer referrals help keep businesses alive, and are especially important when you are trying to expand your customer base. Your advertisements should aim to attract more business, not just new ones. Taking care of your old customers through loyalty cards and exclusive rewards will help solidify their relationship with your business.

These mistakes sound simple and easy to avoid with proper research and planning. Those advertising dollars won’t have to go down the drain. Watch out next week for the second installment of advertising mistakes and how you can avoid them.


5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Print Your Business Card At Home

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Print Your Business Card At Home

When people think of business cards, the common notion is that it’s just a piece of paper with someone’s business information on it. Many people get the idea that it’s okay to simply create their business cards at home instead of getting them professionally made. Besides, how hard can it be to create a format that fits into a 3.5 by 2 inch piece of paper? The availability of DIY card printing kits also over simplify the process of creating a business card – with cardstock, practice sheets, template, and some format instructions, anybody can create a card.

What many people forget is that your business card is part of your first impression, and it’s the only thing that your potential client can take with them when your interaction is over. Trying to cut the cost of getting professionally made business cards, you may have actually shot yourself in the foot by giving a DIY card that looks anything but professional.

Here are a few noticeable drawbacks of having a business card made at home:

  1. EDGES

When using a card printing kit, the cardstock actually comes in perforated sheets, so when you go to separate the cards, those edges feel rough between your fingers. Professionally made business cards, of course, have smooth and even edges. If you didn’t use a kit and made the card from scratch, even the use of a paper cutter can have inferior edges.

  1. SIZE

When cutting a business card from a sheet, getting the right measurement may be easy, but you stack the cards, you will notice that no matter how careful you were in cutting, the sizes are still imprecise.


The print quality of your business card relies heavily on the quality of your printer. Personal printers may not give you an even finish in your printing, plus there is the possibility that the ink will smudge – then all you would have is a dirty business card. Using personal printers also means that you may be limited in cardstock choices, either in thickness or in texture.


One of the great features of a professionally made card is the option to have raised or embossed text on the paper. Some even utilize metallic accents on the cards. As expected, these options are impossible on a DIY business card.


Whether you use a DIY card printing kit or choose your own cardstock, you are stuck with the texture of the paper. Unlike in professional printing, you can have a gloss or silk finish, which adds more sophistication to the card, and frankly, feels better to the touch.

Whether you have a startup business or already have a stable company, there are things you need to invest in that are non-negotiable, and one of those things is your business card. If you want to put your best foot forward, forget the DIY card kit, and get your next batch of classy business cards from FMF.