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Advertising Tips and Tricks

How to avoid wasting money on advertising

The next time you are thinking of advertising, remember that the numbers come second to avoid ineffective advertising of your brand.

Most small business owners buy advertising, based on the number of people who will read, watch or listen to the advertisement. That’s how to buy ineffective advertising. You see, it’s not about the number of people who will potentially see or hear your ad. It’s about who those people are.

The ad reached 125,000 people for just $475!

I was prompted to write today’s post after a reader emailed me.  She had recently paid for an advertisement that went into a newsletter with a readership of 125,000 people. Whilst the readership “wasn’t an ideal fit”. She thought $475 to reach all those people was a bargain.

Her advertisement generated 9 responses and no sales.

Here’s what she got, in return for $475:

  • 7 responses came from pushy advertising salespeople, trying to sell her more ads.
  • 2 responses came from people who were totally unsuitable for the service she was advertising.

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Birmingham woman uses magnets to promote runner, cyclists safety


After losing a close friend and watching her husband recover from a cycling accident, a Birmingham woman is making sure drivers are aware of the number of runners and cyclists on the road.

And it’s all starting with a magnet.

“Just one second and he was gone,” said Nitu Caplash, whose husband was killed while running. Caplash says it was like any other morning in 2011. Her husband, 38 year old Sundeep was getting up to train for the upcoming Mercedes Marathon.

“He got up that morning. He’s like, I have to go, even if it’s raining I need to get out and just run this one so that I can get a good time on my marathon,” Caplash said.

Sundeep left at 6 that morning. He was hit and killed by a car on Monclair Road.

“Wearing everything that he was supposed to wear. A bright yellow jacket, neon yellow jacket,” Caplash said.

The memories still sting for Nitu and her family. As well as Leslie Kelly.

“Everyone still has a whole in their heart obviously. It’s been a very challenging and difficult…he was a wonderful man. Very difficult man to lose,” said.

Kelly is a good friend of the Caplashes. Shortly before Sundeep’s death, her husband was also hit by a car. He was riding his bike.

“Shorty before that my husband was hit while he was cycling by a car,” Kelly said.

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