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Advertising Tips and Tricks

Brilliant Personalized Car Magnet Designs

400x650 8


We live in a world where companies become more aggressive in terms of advertising. It becomes a real challenge to get the people’s attention when you want to promote your company, products, and services. Taking into consideration that most customers don’t appreciate too much those pushing marketing campaigns that almost force the prospects to look to your business or products.

Unlike the classic outdoor, the car magnets and vehicle wraps attract attention without disturbance. The potential clients can easily spot your message without any significant distraction from what they are doing. Customers respond in a better way to advertisements that don’t have a “right-in-your-face” approach.

That’s why more businesses invest in car magnets and vehicle wraps in order to get their targeted audience attention.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America revealed that a vehicle advertising can generate some 70.000 impressions as a daily average. According to the Outdoor Advertising Magazine, the outdoor mobile media billboards have a 97% recall rate. In addition, 99% of survey respondents thought mobile advertising is more effective than traditional outdoor advertising. Product Acceptance and Research indicates that  94% of respondents recalled seeing the Mobile Billboard, with 80% recalling the specific advertisement.

Drivers and pedestrians will see your advertising vehicle whether it is moving or parked. Car magnets are considered to be the best returns-on-investment in promoting your business. They come in a variety of sizes, easily printable and could have different shapes.

Car magnets are used to display your brand, logo, and contact details. Also, you could include into the car magnets design a QR code, your website or even your company’s tag line.

In order to be noticeable and memorable, your car magnets must be striking and well designed. In order to get the best value for your money, you must be sure that your supplier will print your car magnets using the vibrant and weather-resistant inks. Also, it is a good option to laminate or coat them, in order to protect them against the external factors and to increase their service life. It is recommendable to find an experienced provider to print your car magnets.

Having striking and well-designed car magnets laid on your car or fleet of cars panels, they allow your customers to see your name, logo and your contact details or your advertisement, anywhere your car goes. All you have to do is to drive your car or park it somewhere with high traffic.

Here are a few brilliant ideas for your car magnets design, which I hope to help you into your creative process: - car-magnets-2

Credits: - car-magnets-nyc

Credits: - FruitDaddysSign

Credits: - car-magent


Advertising Tips and Tricks

Top Advertising Ways Using your Vehicle

Top Advertising Ways using Your Vehicle


There is a lot of opportunities using your vehicle of all types as an outdoor advertising medium. Ever since the first cars have been conceived, the companies have displayed on them their name, logo, contact data and the services they provided.







In order to spread their messages, the vehicle wraps contain vibrant and colorful logos, photos and striking all-over designs.



It is hard to say which is the most import part of the vehicle advertising:

… sometimes it could be the vehicle you use

…the advertising direction that you choose to use your vehicle

… or the design of your car wrap

It depends on your marketing strategy, on your advertising objectives and on your budget.

Get the right combination and you can create a great opportunity for your business that provides fantastic return on your marketing budget.

Two things are certain: the vehicle advertising design must be integrated with your marketing strategy and your car wrap design must be integrated with your communication strategy. In terms of your brand communication, you must think and approach everything like an integrated part of the same marketing strategy.

Like all other advertising forms, there are many ways of using your vehicle to promote your brand:

1. Car wraps

Car wraps are the most powerful way to approach your audience and spread your message on the street. The businesses that have opted to wrap their vehicles or their fleet of vehicles have benefited from an increase of their brand awareness.

The secret for effective advertising is to make a great first impression. That’s why you can be as creative as you want in terms of vehicle design. It doesn’t matter if you use the whole body of your vehicle or just a part of it. You can use vibrant colors and a powerful message for your car wrap design.  It will stand out from all other vehicles on the road and will attract the attention of the passing drivers.




car-wrap (1)




2. Special projects

Some advertisers and advertising production companies consider them as “car top signs”. There are those funny combinations between clever car wraps and fully customized car top signs. Special projects definitely grab attention and stand out from the crowd and competition.




3. Rear window decals

Driver’s attention is most often facing forward and the very popular for vans, personally-owned cars, and utility trucks are rear window decals. If your logo, advertisement or message is on the rear window, it is more likely to be seen and read by the drivers who are behind your car.

Decals are printed on one-way vision vinyl to avoid obscuring the vision through the rear window. A perforated self-adhesive vinyl allows you to see through the rear window and the people outside of your car will just see your advertisement.



4. Car lettering

Vinyl vehicle lettering is one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions for any company which allows promoting business every time they drive.

Here are some basic requirements for using Vinyl Vehicle Lettering:

  • Use larger fonts
  • Use high contrast color or scheme to the body color of your vehicle
  • Consider a minimized format. Don’t write a book in your car. It will not be of interest or time passing for a driver to read it.
  • Keep it simple. Your business name, a single advertising line of 4-5 words, and your phone number and/or a web address are enough.
  • Consider using an outline effect on the main line of your vehicle lettering and you will gain more attention
  • Consider using a retro-reflective vinyl for your car lettering. This type of product has a deep rich color tone in daylight and it reflects brightly by night.


Van Lettering

Source: www.

Source: www.


Source: www.calgarysignsbanners.com5

5. Car magnets

Car magnets are one of the most affordable ways to advertise your car because it can be easily and fully personalized with your logo, contact data, pictures of your company’s products, message and so on.


Source: www.

Source: www.



Keep in mind that the vehicles are very visible and can be a very powerful tool of communication and marketing. Set a connection between the design of other forms of your business promotion and your car wrap design.

This way, your car or vehicle fleet will portray a professional image to your customers or to your prospective clients.


Advertising Tips and Tricks

10 Uses of Promotional Magnets for your Personal Occasion

10 Uses of Promotional Magnets for your Personal Occasion final


A promotional magnet… How could I use it?

I was on a short vacation. On the way back, I simply wanted to buy a souvenir for my mom. I was looking for a fridge magnet or a candle. Something like this. She likes these things very much. However, I found something else. A magnetic postcard.  And I remembered those old times when we were on vacations and we were sending postcards for friends and family.

On the front, it has printed a stunning sunrise. On the back – the traditional blank space that we find on all the postcards. And I thought it was quite an interesting idea. Especially because my mom throws all my postcards after a while.  But when I got home I saw my magnetic postcard prominently on the fridge.

So….. Why not? I wanted to talk to you about using the promotional magnets for personal occasions.

Ok, we have already known that the fridge magnets are one of the most inexpensive marketing tools. I will not tell you that “According to a study of the American Purdue University, the average person visits their fridge 10-12 times a day. For a family of 4, that means an average of 300 impressions a week or 15,000 impressions a year for a company advert in the heart of their customer’s homes.”

I will not tell you that “fridge magnets remain in the household for an average of 6-8 years”, and that “the fridge magnets are one of the lowest costs per impression of any item in the advertising industry!”.

But I’d like to talk about the usage of promotional magnets for your personal occasions. Why not? Although these items are known as “fridge magnets”, actually, they can be used on any metallic surfaces like desks, cabinets, even for boiler cover (attached there by the plumbing and heating engineers in order to remind us whom to call when the hot water doesn’t works). And so on.

Here are 10 uses of promotional magnets:

  • Postcards

marseille_postcards-r4585f9e2c77d47c590211db40d13bb1f_vgbaq_8byvr_512 northern_lights_mirrored_on_lake_postcard-r90a08ec167f64f91b397f7a4777ee827_vgbaq_8byvr_512 reflections_postcard-r0fbc058e881d43d980e3aebe380676f3_vgbaq_8byvr_512 thailand_postcard-r79275167a874410dbb10465d1ac21c0c_vgbaq_8byvr_512 wood_nymphette_postcard-raa1195e06d7047019efd0dee8bb8d35e_vgbaq_8byvr_512

An interesting way to preserve your special moments and feelings from a vacation right in front of your eyes.

  • Souvenirs

$(KGrHqRHJC!FIclYyezRBSO!i)2vL!--60_12 $_12 370966755_825 2011030707024078 alpine_house_magnet__08880.1343239258.900.900 cologne_germany_magnet__69119.1343237871.900.900 flamenco_dancers_spain_magnet__76537.1343241440.900.900 frankfurt_germany_magnet__71562.1343238087.900.900 muenchen_germany_magnet__34619.1343238717.900.900 paris_france_magnet__44842.1343240208.900.900 Souvenir-Fridge-Magnet-Souvenir-Magnet st_petersburg_russia_magnet__94659.1343241142.900.900 venice_venezia_italy_magnet__59889.1343241012.900.900 windsor_castle_magnet__90015.1343240366.900.900


These interesting souvenir magnets can certainly be a colorful reminder of a fantastic vacation or possibly an excursion you are planning or hope to make.

  • Invitations

25th_wedding_anniversary_personalised_magnetic_invitation-rc0881f32b65c42049d61d9a6ae1fd562_zrxtq_512 antiqued-pink-black-tiara-birthday-invitation_10005_1_large_elegant black-neon-bowling-birthday-invitation_9905_1_large_rounded chalkboard-floral-quinceanera-invitation_10011_1_large_rounded ernst_haeckel_sea_anemones_vintage_art_magnetic_invitation-rb1961659f1724ab897dc398e9068effb_zrxt4_512 funny_take_life_with_a_glass_of_wine_friends_food_magnetic_invitation-r717f7b522ba84bb6897a5c37f9fb7739_zrxtq_512 rustic-western-photo-sweet-sixteen-invitation_9744_1_large_rounded



Make sure your big event or announcement literally sticks in people’s minds using magnetic invitations! From classy to vintage, funky to downright fun, print your message on vinyl-laminated cards, so all your lovely guests can post your magnetic invitation right on the fridge for easy reference

  • Save the date


amerstam-thumbnail_1_4 custom save the date magnet  nbkona-base nbmoments-base_3 nbseasons-base save the date magnet



Make sure that your family and friends mark your event in their calendar using Save the date magnets.  In terms of design, you can be as creative as you want, but don’t forget to add your event’s date and place J

  • Magnetic calendar


Custom-2-91x4-94-Promotional-Magnetic-Calendars-20-mil MagnetClndrPad1 magnetic-calendar promo-magnetic-business-card-note-pads


The calendars are some of the most promotional magnets because they provide information that is referred frequently. Having common shapes and designs or unusual designs, the magnetic calendars are always a cute method to decorate a fridge.

  • Magnetic games and toys

1354704345_MD6497 magnet madfness-5 magnet madness-1 magnet madness-title scrabble-refrigerator-magnetic-tiles


If you want your brand to stick in front of your customer’s eyes, give them a magnetic game! It will be a nice and interesting gift, which will stick not only on the refrigerator but on any metallic surface.

  • Magnetic photo frames

2_magnetic-frames 0303AEA5 IMG_2748


The magnetic photo frames are a stunning option for mini poster, artwork or photographic display. These items are perfect for turning a fridge or metallic surface from home into a photo gallery.

  • Magnetic organizer

4aaff98343428234673c84f2e6b1cf61 5-sets-magnetic-refrigerator-shelf-storage-rack 891a18cb403ec395af842c188bfede70 diy_chalkboard_fridge_genevievegail Refrigerator-Organizer-11


These items could be an original gift for your clients if they love being organized. They might be branded with your logo or could be a part of your advertising campaign.

  • Decorations

30 download il_570xN.401720415_2xyf


These fridge magnet decorations could be an interesting gift both for your clients and your friends and family. You could buy them or you could make them yourself but be sure they will always be appreciated.

  •  Business cards

2x3.5-Coffee-Shop-Business-Card-Round-Corner-Full-Color-Magnet-20-mil 2x3.5-Pizza-Business-Card-Magnets-Square-Corner banner5 magnet_buscards-500x800 magnetic business card


If you are a freelancer or run a company, you will love these items. Personalize them with your image, logo and/or message and you will be sure that your message will appear in front of your customer’s eyes for a long, long time.

Advertising Tips and Tricks

10 Reasons To Use Flyers To Promote Special Events



When you organize a special event such as a concert, a sports event, a store opening, a brand launch, a cultural event, an exposition and so on, you want that your event to be known. There are many ways to do this, from word of mouth to direct mail campaigns, print advertising campaigns (newspapers, magazines), radio, TV, outdoor, indoor, and online campaigns.

However, some of these methods of advertising seem to be a real challenge for many small and medium companies. Sometimes, they need too much money and efforts, in order to have a classic integrated advertising campaign and not every company, have a huge budget in order to advertise an event.

This is a reason for which many companies have reoriented their advertising efforts exclusively to the online environment, using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

While social media networks have their benefits in promoting an event and increasing its awareness, it’s also important to use some of the proven ways of advertising, such as the direct mailing. This form of promotion has always had proven results, being one of the preferred advertising methods of the followers of guerilla marketing.

Why are the flyers important in the promotion of an event?

Here are some reasons for which you should take into consideration in using flyers:

  1. Target your audience

Flyers are a great way to advertise your event and reach your targeted audience. Because of their distribution ways, flyers can be a great platform to advertise your event to a certain database but also to a specific geographically distributed audience.

  1. You can be as creative as you want

If you decide to advertise your event using flyers, there are many reasons to be as creative as you want in conceiving and designing the flyer. You will want your flyer to stand out, gain the attention of your audience, and highlight your message. The most flyers will tend to be A4 or A5, printed on both sides, in order to have extra space for sending the message. Other means to make your flyers stand out are the folded finishes, glossy, silky or mat or mat lamination with UV varnish and so on.

  1. Tangible

Another benefit of using flyers in order to promote an event is its tangible nature. If your targeted audience takes the flyer and holds it, you have reached half of the objective. The other half – taking action – depends on your flyer design, on print and finishes quality. I have seen many flyers ruined by the print quality, so, if your print provider cannot meet your specifications in terms of print quality, you should change it. This is not a negotiable aspect.

  1. Incentive

A flyer used to promote an event gives you the space to use a coupon, a voucher or a code in order to create some buzz around your event. Also, this could be a great way to measure your flyer campaign results.

  1. Measurable

A voucher or a code associated with a special offer is an interesting and useful way to measure the impact of your flyer campaign. The measuring of the results is an important part. Not just for analysis of that campaign, but also for learning from the success and from small mistakes.

  1. Cost-effective

Because of the reduced costs compared with the other forms of advertising, using the flyers is one of the most effective ways to promote an event and get a good return of investment.

  1. Versatile

When folded, flyers can be mailed. If you:

  • left it flat, the flyers are leaflets.
  • post them, the flyers become posters.
  • design them and print them on a thicker paper, the flyer becomes a postcard.
  • decide to turn it into a digital flyer, the printology will provide your flyer design in an electronic form so you can email it.
  1. Flyers make it easy

Even they are not very expensive, flyers can contain all the information that everyone needs in order to attend an event. Flyers make it easy for people to understand all the information about the event so that no detail is overlooked. You may also insert a QR code or a web address to a landing page where you offer more information about your event.

  1. Distribution

Flyers can be distributed easy and using many distribution channels:

  • Door-to-door
  • Newspaper inserts
  • Distribution on street, shops, to influencers and so on
  1. Create marketing opportunities

You may add some elements to encourage your audience to take action. For example, you may ask them to include their personal information on the flyer, or bring them at the event and give them some incentives. In this way, you can get a database for your next marketing campaigns.

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25 Creative Fridge Magnet Designs

Refrigerator magnet is an ornamental object having attached a small magnet on the back (stronger or weaker, depending on the design and intended use). At first, they were used only to post various shopping lists or reminder announcements, or quite simply as decorative items. Currently, depending on the imagination, these objects have both decorative, posting of a message, storage, entertaining and so on. They are also some of the most popular souvenirs that can be found and purchased from anywhere during vacation. The magnet always retains a place, an emotion, a story or a certain state from a vacation.

Refrigerator magnet can have various shapes and sizes. Also, they are made of diverse materials, ranging from plastic, fimo, clay, wood, stone, to glass, crocheted items, and various natural elements.

They can be purchased through vendors or can be done at home, by each of us. Some materials, a little bit of imagination, skill, and patience. And moreover, they may be obtained by recycling older items.

Here are 25 creative designs for refrigerator magnets:

  • Guitar refrigerator magnet

il_570xN.151320318  il_570xN.151320320


These fridge magnets are great by themselves. They also make anyone a rock star when they are used as a magnet to hold up a standard 4’x 6” photo.

Also great for supporting your:

– fridge worthy documents
– accomplishments
– coupons
– grocery list

  • Leave magnets



Even your fridge is already energy-efficient and eco-friendly, these magnets are one more way to make it truly “green”. Originally designed by Richard Hutten, these plastic leaves have a small magnet that allows them to attach to any metal surface.

  • “Dorogaya” magnetic calendar

726411212585352 726411212585295  726411212585474  726411212585566726411212585599


Serhiy Chebotaryov created this stylish, funny and interesting magnetic calendar, using magnets. This easy customizable calendar would look great in any kitchen. All you have to do is to put it on your fridge or any other metallic surface. Other than regular calendar days “Dorogaya” contains symbols such as: going on holiday, arrival, departure and various others. It won the Bronze at the Kiev International Advertising Festival in 2008.

  • Refrigerator Magnet Bottle Opener – Stainless





This piece is maybe the most useful fridge magnet ever. This clever piece is the right bottle opener when you will take an ice –cold bottle out of the fridge. It is ideal bottle opener for those situations when you want to drink something really cold. Everyone should have one. They are useful, good looking, nice and easy replaceable because of their non-scratch rubber backing. You just lift off the old one and stick it back on the replacement fridge.

  • Puzzle fridge magnet



You will love using this cool refrigerator magnet. All the pieces are combined in a colorful puzzle that comes directly from the stories adored by children. No matter if you are a child or adult, you will have a lot of fun using this fridge magnet on your fridge door.

  • Tree buttons

il_570xN.59167063  il_570xN.59167065 il_570xN.59167067


These pieces really could be the best gist for your friends and family. The tree buttons are handmade wood magnets. These pieces are very smooth and beautiful, being finished using 400 grill sandpaper and preserve exotic nut oil. The magnets are extremely strong.

  •  Ninja Shuriken Magnets




Use these refrigerator magnet when you want to post a note or deliver a secret message! Designed by Lee Weilang, these pieces combine the connotation of the most impressive weapon of ninja with the secret marks. That implies by default:  an announcement always includes a secret message!

  • Lego refrigerator magnet



A few Lego bricks, a couple of strong magnets, some super strong glue and a bit of skill and patience. A very easy way to color your fridge and have some pieces that kids will love.

  •  A little art piece in a refrigerator magnet




What would happen if instead of throwing empty cans of canned and jar lids we would transform them into custom refrigerator magnets? Using some glue, tin magnets, recycling some photos and little toys from our kids, we could have some fun and colorful fridge magnets.

  • Digiframe refrigerator magnet



A great little gadget called Digiframe – a combination of a mini photo frame and a refrigerator magnet. You can simply change the image using a USB cable, selecting a photo from your computer or smartphone and voila!  From your gadget right on your fridge!

  • Toy car refrigerator magnets

BFranklinCraftsCarMagnet (3)  BFranklinCraftsCarMagnet (1)


Simple but creative refrigerator magnets, for those who have boys! You could design and make a magnetic track too. So, your boys can play around you and you can simply survey them without them knowing.

  • Animals refrigerator magnets

il_570xN.638846148_t6lf  il_570xN.638848320_g3ag il_570xN.638849414_7ujj  il_570xN.673539690_edbl il_570xN.673545930_pidj


Funny handmade magnets for the fridge, made by plastic and a magnet on the base.

  • Cork planters as refrigerator magnets



Take these cork planters and bring the green in your kitchen. They are easy to make and look awesome on the fridge.

  • Magnetic fridge vases




A pretty and unique idea through its simplicity!. You need just a few simple things: cleaned out nail polish bottles, magnets, a very strong glue (E6000), some little flowers and, of course, water.

And…. Look! You will make perfect refrigerator magnet which add an unexpected touch to your kitchen.

  • Cube refrigerator magnet




This unique vase refrigerator magnets are handmade and can handle 1-3 flowers or grasses. They are made from wood treated with oil and wax in order to have a water repellent surface. These magnets have spare glasses, so your plants will live more.

  • Wine cork magnets

il_570xN.407081864_k2gh  il_570xN.407081846_rfdc


A very funny and creative idea for refrigerator magnets. Instead of throwing the wine corks, use them together with some magnets and glue and make this interesting and useful refrigerator magnet.

  • Fridge work station

bottom top



Do you want to be organized or at least to find some stuff in a kitchen where your child is running around? Turn old tins and wooden boxes into magnetic storage for the fridge.

  • Spices storage refrigerator magnets





These refrigerator magnet represent one great way to create extra storage for spices while the magnetic jars are reusable for futures spices. The hexagonal shapes of the jars fit together creating a spice-colored honeycomb pattern on your fridge.

  • Scrabble refrigerator magnets



Do you love Scrabble? Here is another great way to play! These scrabble pieces allow you to deliver your announcements to your family and also is a funny way to spend your time.

  • Refrigerator magnet terrariums






If you love tiny plants, you will definitely love these mini terrariums refrigerator magnets!. They are so gracious and can live without soil because the plants gather water and necessary nutrient from the air, through their leaves.

  • Shelves refrigerator magnet




These refrigerator magnets are simply, modular and useful. Personalize your kitchen and add some storage space.

  • Vintage robots collection refrigerator magnets




Are you in love with robots? Use this vintage refrigerator magnet to personalize your fridge.

  • Chocolate refrigerator magnets




For chocolate lovers. You may cover your whole fridge or just a part of it using this absolutely delicious refrigerator magnet!

  • Tetris refrigerator magnet



Tetris for anyone? These super cute pieces are refrigerator magnets! They come directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Rock refrigerator magnets




Do you have some rocks? Use your imagination! Pant them using some vibrant colors, cover them with some mat lacquer, glue a strong magnet on the back. And… voila! You have your custom made refrigerator magnets!

Advertising Tips and Tricks

How to Make the Multi-tasking Customer Notice your Advertisement



Customer number one walks down the street, texting on the phone while drinking coffee in a rush to go somewhere. While customer number two is a shopper, carefully checking her shopping list while trying to make her kids behave. On the other hand, customer number three is at home, watching TV while eating and checking his social media account. Here you are presented with three different scenarios, all for one goal. You need to sell your product to these people, but how would you catch the attention of a person who usually does multiple things at the same time?

Here’s how to make the multi-tasking customer notice your advertisement:

Get to know your customer

Once you have identified your target market, you should also be able to keep track of the places frequented by these people. This means you must know the common interests of your market segment.[1] For example, you may be selling health products aimed at men and women, around 30 to 35 years old. You may use nostalgia to perk up their interest. Find out the most memorable trends during their teenage years and apply it on your posters and leaflets. The idea would surely make them notice your ad because it will make them reminisce.

Place your ad on places frequented by people

It is important to place your ads right where a majority of your target market can see it.[2] For example, your business is directed towards the college students in a nearby university. It is necessary for you to create an advertisement that will make those busy young people notice your message, so put up your ads in places where they usually pass by. It may be on a waiting shed on their way home, or at the bus which they commute going to school.

Make eye-catching ads

A study has shown that 50% of shoppers have made their purchase decision after seeing an outdoor advertisement.[3] This is why you should make an eye-catching advertisement. It is important to use color, bright hues perhaps. Do it with subtlety, and avoid making it look like a rainbow or a psychedelic stream of forgetfulness. Use colors sparingly and to your advantage.

Oftentimes, a combination of two or three is more than enough, unless you are using pictures. Shape your ads in silhouettes, make it pop out, and explore creative ways to present your advertisements. To catch people’s attention, you must be ready to try something unique like using car magnets.

Create a pleasant distraction

Intrigue, fascinate, make a splashing appearance and let your advertisement float through the sea of clutter. Sometimes, it takes a question or an interesting statement that will make your customers differentiate your ad. Even the simple word “free” makes a big difference. Whatever you do, be ready to entertain your target customers. Try to be humorous or gigantic if it fits your brand, and let your customers be amazed.

Say a powerful message                                       

Powerful messages are usually the ones that speak with social relevance. If you want people to spread your word around, make sure that it is worth spreading. Inspire, not just communicate. Support advocacies to make a better impact. Even without using social issues, you can create impact by offering solutions to people’s problems. Make them care about your message because it can change their life. Make an appeal to their emotion, satisfy curiosity, and answer their needs through your products and services. Most importantly, include a call to action, to give your message that power, because without a call to action, all your efforts will just be wasted.[4]

When you apply the techniques mentioned above, there is a big possibility that even your busiest target customer will stop and spend the time to read your advertisement.






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Wise Marketing Ideas with good Return on Investment

Wise Marketing Ideas with good Return on Investment


A few days ago I met with a friend who has a restaurant with home delivery service. The meeting took place in his office, which is placed in the same building as his restaurant. Discussing different issues, inevitably we arrived to business.

His great dissatisfaction is that although he had few indoor campaigns, some OOH, several flyer direct mailing campaigns, some sponsorship – he supports a kindergarten, they appear not to have the expected results.

A quick calculation shows that so far he has invested a lot of money in these marketing ideas, achieving some minor results, but the problem is still here:

  • His company brand awareness is low
  • His company brand recognition is small
  • The sales increase is not what he had expected

In these circumstances, of course, the discussion was held around of a single topic: marketing tools with good Return of Investment. There are many, but because he owns a restaurant with home delivery food service and he is involved in the community by supporting a kindergarten, I have preferred to approach two marketing tools that have a very good ROI: the fridge magnets and the button badges. Though many marketing professionals consider them guerilla marketing ideas, specific to the small and medium companies, the fridge magnets and the button badges could be used by almost all companies, regardless of their sizes.

In the past years, these two items became very popular, because of their advantages:

  • They are very affordable
  • You can be as creative as you want
  • The fridge magnets and the button badges can be used both for the increase of the brand awareness and sales
  • They offer great exposure for your company
  • They last for a long time; depending on their design, the fridge magnets could last for years
  • They can be distributed very easy
  • They could be considered as itself campaigns or they could be a part of an integrated campaign and so on

Before starting the designing, production, and distribution of the fridge magnets and of the button badges, you must keep in mind that they must be integrated with your overall marketing strategy.

Also, here are a few steps which you should follow:

1.    Know your targeted audience
2.    Set up an objective for your fridge magnet or button badges campaigns
3.    Use your company logo and the company’s color scheme, in order to speak one language and advertise your brand

Following there are some simple tips regardless the usage of the fridge magnets:

1.    If your objective is the increase of your sales, you may include a coupon code in the fridge magnets design; based on this, your customer gets a percentage discount from the amount of his order; or a QR code, if you want to increase the visitors on your website

2.     You may turn your paper business cards into magnetic business cards and distribute them in a flyer marketing campaign

3.     You may add your local community events calendar in the fridge magnets design and distribute them

4.     Magnetic shopping lists or magnetic notepads which are designed  using your company’s color scheme and logo would be also great ideas to promote your business to your local market

5.      If you support a cause or a local school/football team/kindergarten, you may print their events calendar on magnets and distribute them

Regardless of the badge buttons, there are also many ways to use them in order to advertise your business. Following there are some tips:

1.    If you support a cause, you may design and print the badge buttons including your logo into their designs

2.    If you support a school or a kindergarten, you may have some funny promotional badges and distribute to the children. You could also use the badges as rewards in different contests, as “the best painter”, “the best musician”, “the best athlete” and so on

3.    If you have a product campaign, a good idea is to include an image related  to your product into the design of the badges

4.    When you organize a specific sales campaign, you may design and print badges related to it and give them to the employee for wearing during of this event

5.    You might give button badges to customers that buy a product or service from you, as an incentive for their effort

These are only a few ideas about how you can use two of the most effective and affordable marketing tool.  You may use them as a specific marketing action or you may combine them. Also, you could integrate them in larger communication campaigns.


Advertising Tips and Tricks

What Promotional Items Say About Your Business



Promotional items work like advertising you can hold in your hand. We’ve all encountered these items; some we keep and use, while the others just make us cringe that we just toss them right away.

One important thing to consider when it comes to promotional items is that you have to be proud of it. Keep in mind that these items carry your brand. Give these items the time and attention they deserve so your business ideals shine through the promotional product.

To make sure that you are making a sound investment, it is important to consider what consumers actually look for in promotional items.

  1. Items should be practical and useful

Ever gotten half-inch wide post-its, or CDs, or fanny packs? When choosing your promotional items, ask yourself, when was the last time you’ve used it? This is a good way to gauge if your item has any practical use and value that would make it worth keeping.

Also, items that are tossed in the trash are considered trash. You wouldn’t want your customers to think that you were sending them garbage, right? Especially garbage with your logo on it. At the very least, your customers would get the impression that your promotional item was a thoughtless gesture and a waste of their time.

  1. Items should be innovative and interesting

You’ve probably received dozens, if not hundreds, of promotional pens in your lifetime. Pens are useful and worth keeping (as long as they don’t look cheap). However, they can still be easy to toss if your customers find nothing special about them, or if another business sent a better quality pen. The solution? A pen/stylus combo. Another great example would be clip magnets. Nobody can resist the urge to stick a magnet onto a fridge door or metal surface, and with the added clip feature, you’ve given your customers something extra that they can use every day. provides strong clip magnets that are available in many shapes and sizes to suit your needs.

When your promotional items are unique and special, your customers feel that you made an extra effort, and that your business can offer something extraordinary.

  1. Items should be durable

It may be appealing to go for cheap items that you can get at a bargain, especially if you have a limited budget.  But sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality. One purpose of promotional products is that they should last longer, so if a T-shirt shrinks in the washer, or if your logo easily wears off a pen, you are wasting money. Your customers then know that you’ve given them something of low quality and will feel foolish for keeping it. Furthermore, your customers would feel cheated and would see your business as cheap, deceitful, and/or unprofessional.

If your item has what your customers look for, then you have a promotional item that will do its job right. How customers treat your item is proportional to their regard of your business.

Advertising Tips and Tricks

10 Low Cost Outdoor Advertising Techniques

10 Low Cost Outdoor Advertising Techniques


There is one mistake the small and medium companies make more often than the large corporations. They don’t plan budgets and actions for advertising.

Most people who plan to start a new business or run a small business have an “if we have an additional budget, we use for advertising” approach.

For most of them, advertising is an expense and not an investment. They must be aware that things are exactly the opposite. An intelligent marketing and clever advertising always work, but they must be a permanent part of the business plan. Advertising cost is usually 1% up to  5% of the gross sale. It can vary according to the industry, local advertising rates, and location. You don’t need to have “deep pockets” in order to have an effective advertising strategy.

The outdoor advertising is an important part of the communication strategy. It helps you communicate with your potential customers while they are outside their homes. Being creative in mixing of the different outdoor techniques on the one hand, and their combination with other advertising actions, on the other hand, will ensure you great exposure and effective communication of your message to your clients. By the end, you will gain brand awareness, increased sales, and higher net profit and a better return on investment percentage. As I have mentioned before, not all advertising techniques work for everyone. And you don’t need huge amounts of money in order to have an effective outdoor advertising campaign. Especially the startups and the small businesses.

There are many methods in outdoor advertising actions that don’t require large budgets and which may be included in guerrilla advertising category.

Here are 10 low-cost outdoor advertising techniques I hope could be of help for you:

  1. Vehicle advertising

Vehicle advertising is one of the most effective advertising tools, allowing you to transform your company’s car or fleet of cars into mobile billboards. Wraps are designed to promote your brands or company on your car or fleet of cars, which is constantly moving, gaining a larger audience.

  1. Outdoor signage

Good outdoor signage is essential for every business. Firstly, because the outdoor signage is a landmark for your customers who want to visit your office or store. Second, because you use your space and you don’t need to book other outdoor space in order to do this. Third, because you can be as creative as you want. Before you design and install outdoor signage, you must check your local rules on outdoor advertising. You can also contact a company which is specialized in advertising production. The specialists will know how to design and install your outdoor signage to attract customers and to be safe.

  1. Mobile billboards

Mobile billboards are customized trucks with large bodies for posting the advertisements. Lately, a trend is to use smaller but more distinctive looking mini mobile billboards, both because they can sneak easier in congested traffic and they are economical in terms of consumption or they are completely green. These are one-seated vehicles or bikes having a very short wheelbase. They can be parked sideways, so the large advertising panels on the side are facing the traffic flow.

  1. Pavement signs

You may find the pavement signs outside of storefronts or high street shops. Usually, a pavement sign has two equal faces, both sizes being suitable to display posters, flyer, brochures, etc. One of the most common types of pavement sign is an A-Board. Almost all the A-Boards have sign snap shut frames which allow the advertising media to be changed quickly. It is also less stable in windy conditions. This is a reason why many businesses prefer the Swinger and Sight Master range. They are weighted at the base and more stable in windy positions.

  1. Outdoor Displays

The outdoor displays are also a  very effective outdoor advertising way for increasing your brand awareness or promote a product or a service. We may include in this category a range of outdoor flags, banner frames, roll-ups, umbrellas, deck chairs and so on.

  1. Bus advertising

For bus advertising, the advertisers use buses and their related infrastructure to reach the audience with their message. The adverts may be placed in bus shelters, inside the buses, printed on the bus tickets, or may be partially or fully wrapped. Used also by the large corporation in order to advertise their brands, this way of advertising is much more dedicated to the businesses that operate on the local markets and need to find their customers nearby.

  1. Taxi advertising

Taxi advertising allows you to highlight your products, whether brand awareness, or a targeted message, directly to areas where your customers or potential clients work, shop, and play. It offers you a large variety of formats to enable maximum reach and impact on the audience. These formats could include full cars wraps, standard or customized top signs, tip seats, taxi receipt pads, special formats, digital screens, brand ambassadors and more.

  1. Street pole banners

Fully customized street pole banners are a great way to catch the attention of your targeted audience. It has the potential to attract much of the customer’s attention, to promote a product, a service, special events, and to increase brand awareness.

  1. Posters

Posters are a great way to take advantages of the thousands of commuters in the bus, subway or trams. It can be created individually, in a series along subway station walls, or bus shelters to establish a more detailed and significant brand narrative. You may use the posters to promote the products or services offered by your company. Also for the upcoming events or seasonal offers while concentrating your efforts in locations that best relate to your company. Focusing efforts in these places helps you gain the attention of customers. Your advertisements are most likely to be of interest without wasting money on an irrelevant audience.

  1. Graffiti advertising

Graffiti advertising is a great way of delivering your brand message especially to a younger audience in a more funny, entertaining and engaging way. It can be used when there is a connection between the brand being promoted and graffiti culture in general. In order to create this form of advertising in an effective way, you can invite a local graffiti artist to create your advertisements.

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How to Use Fridge Magnets to Target Your Local Market

How to Use Fridge Magnets to Target Your Local Market


Whether you are an owner of a small company or run a large corporation, you know that in these days you must make every dollar spent for marketing count.  While marketers focus their efforts toward modern advertising environments like integrated social networks, targeted online ads and mobile apps, one of the most creative, effective and affordable marketing tools you can use to advertise your business is represented by the fridge magnets.

The fridge magnets are a powerful way to build your brand and to advertise your products and services. Although some advertisers might say there is no guarantee, it still has a very successful track record for a number of reasons.  First is versatility. Fridge magnet can have multiple purposes, shapes, and designs that stay long in front of your eyes. Second, because they can be fully customized, depending on your business needs and budget.

One thing is certain: the fridge magnets stay for many years in most people’s fridge doors. More than any other indoor marketing tool. Taking into consideration the very small prices of the fridge magnets will give a very powerful marketing tool for your business.

Before designing the fridge magnet, you should think about what you hope to achieve using this marketing tool.

Usually, companies use them for two purposes:

    • To increase their brand awareness and recognition among their customers
    • To increase their sales

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