Business Cards: Paper Or Magnet?

Business Cards Paper Or Magnet

Business cards are always part of the first impression you make to potential customers. No matter how technologically advanced we become, business cards remain one of those marketing essentials that people still prefer. Nothing beats a good business card. You can get them in practically any shape and size, in any finish, in any design. You can also get them made from traditional card stock, plastic, or even magnetic business cards.

Here are a few distinctions between the two:

  1. COST

Having business cards is always a form of investment. As far as investments go, magnetic business cards would cost more than your regular business cards. In terms of value, magnetic business cards have a higher chance of the item being kept than their paper or plastic versions.


The business cards you receive or give usually get stored in some form of card organizer. This means that a number of other businesses share and compete for attention and visibility when it comes time to take a card out and transact business. Obviously, the more visible and stand out your card, the better the chances of it being picked first. When it comes to magnetic business cards, the process of selecting a card from the stack is eliminated for your customer – your information is already right there on their fridge door.


We are all familiar with the saying “Out of sight, out of mind.” This is true for most businesses unless your business is already a household name. The key is to be seen often enough that your business becomes subconsciously imprinted on your customers’ mind. When your business information is kept filed away somewhere, you have to rely on the impact of your first impression so the customer will remember you when it comes time to do business. Magnetic business cards, on the other hand, are already on the fridge door. Imagine how many times in a day your customers visit their fridge – that’s how many times you get to reinforce the idea of your business.


Compared to paper or even plastic business cards, magnetic business cards are certainly more durable. Magnetic business cards are flexible and can stay flat on the fridge surface for years, unlike paper which can get easily torn and lose their newness from too much handling.


Paper business cards have one purpose – to provide contact information about your business. However, magnetic business has a function of being able to stick other objects on the fridge door.

Whatever type of business card you use, make sure that it is something you would be proud to give to your potential customers. And if you want a business card that will bring you more business with minimal effort, get magnetic business cards. Order your quality custom magnetic business cards from FMF today!

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