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Top Advertising Ways Using your Vehicle

Top Advertising Ways using Your Vehicle


There is a lot of opportunities using your vehicle of all types as an outdoor advertising medium. Ever since the first cars have been conceived, the companies have displayed on them their name, logo, contact data and the services they provided.







In order to spread their messages, the vehicle wraps contain vibrant and colorful logos, photos and striking all-over designs.



It is hard to say which is the most import part of the vehicle advertising:

… sometimes it could be the vehicle you use

…the advertising direction that you choose to use your vehicle

… or the design of your car wrap

It depends on your marketing strategy, on your advertising objectives and on your budget.

Get the right combination and you can create a great opportunity for your business that provides fantastic return on your marketing budget.

Two things are certain: the vehicle advertising design must be integrated with your marketing strategy and your car wrap design must be integrated with your communication strategy. In terms of your brand communication, you must think and approach everything like an integrated part of the same marketing strategy.

Like all other advertising forms, there are many ways of using your vehicle to promote your brand:

1. Car wraps

Car wraps are the most powerful way to approach your audience and spread your message on the street. The businesses that have opted to wrap their vehicles or their fleet of vehicles have benefited from an increase of their brand awareness.

The secret for effective advertising is to make a great first impression. That’s why you can be as creative as you want in terms of vehicle design. It doesn’t matter if you use the whole body of your vehicle or just a part of it. You can use vibrant colors and a powerful message for your car wrap design.  It will stand out from all other vehicles on the road and will attract the attention of the passing drivers.




car-wrap (1)




2. Special projects

Some advertisers and advertising production companies consider them as “car top signs”. There are those funny combinations between clever car wraps and fully customized car top signs. Special projects definitely grab attention and stand out from the crowd and competition.




3. Rear window decals

Driver’s attention is most often facing forward and the very popular for vans, personally-owned cars, and utility trucks are rear window decals. If your logo, advertisement or message is on the rear window, it is more likely to be seen and read by the drivers who are behind your car.

Decals are printed on one-way vision vinyl to avoid obscuring the vision through the rear window. A perforated self-adhesive vinyl allows you to see through the rear window and the people outside of your car will just see your advertisement.



4. Car lettering

Vinyl vehicle lettering is one of the most cost-effective advertising solutions for any company which allows promoting business every time they drive.

Here are some basic requirements for using Vinyl Vehicle Lettering:

  • Use larger fonts
  • Use high contrast color or scheme to the body color of your vehicle
  • Consider a minimized format. Don’t write a book in your car. It will not be of interest or time passing for a driver to read it.
  • Keep it simple. Your business name, a single advertising line of 4-5 words, and your phone number and/or a web address are enough.
  • Consider using an outline effect on the main line of your vehicle lettering and you will gain more attention
  • Consider using a retro-reflective vinyl for your car lettering. This type of product has a deep rich color tone in daylight and it reflects brightly by night.


Van Lettering

Source: www.

Source: www.


Source: www.calgarysignsbanners.com5

5. Car magnets

Car magnets are one of the most affordable ways to advertise your car because it can be easily and fully personalized with your logo, contact data, pictures of your company’s products, message and so on.


Source: www.

Source: www.



Keep in mind that the vehicles are very visible and can be a very powerful tool of communication and marketing. Set a connection between the design of other forms of your business promotion and your car wrap design.

This way, your car or vehicle fleet will portray a professional image to your customers or to your prospective clients.


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