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25 Creative Fridge Magnet Designs

Refrigerator magnet is an ornamental object having attached a small magnet on the back (stronger or weaker, depending on the design and intended use). At first, they were used only to post various shopping lists or reminder announcements, or quite simply as decorative items. Currently, depending on the imagination, these objects have both decorative, posting of a message, storage, entertaining and so on. They are also some of the most popular souvenirs that can be found and purchased from anywhere during vacation. The magnet always retains a place, an emotion, a story or a certain state from a vacation.

Refrigerator magnet can have various shapes and sizes. Also, they are made of diverse materials, ranging from plastic, fimo, clay, wood, stone, to glass, crocheted items, and various natural elements.

They can be purchased through vendors or can be done at home, by each of us. Some materials, a little bit of imagination, skill, and patience. And moreover, they may be obtained by recycling older items.

Here are 25 creative designs for refrigerator magnets:

  • Guitar refrigerator magnet

il_570xN.151320318  il_570xN.151320320


These fridge magnets are great by themselves. They also make anyone a rock star when they are used as a magnet to hold up a standard 4’x 6” photo.

Also great for supporting your:

– fridge worthy documents
– accomplishments
– coupons
– grocery list

  • Leave magnets



Even your fridge is already energy-efficient and eco-friendly, these magnets are one more way to make it truly “green”. Originally designed by Richard Hutten, these plastic leaves have a small magnet that allows them to attach to any metal surface.

  • “Dorogaya” magnetic calendar

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Serhiy Chebotaryov created this stylish, funny and interesting magnetic calendar, using magnets. This easy customizable calendar would look great in any kitchen. All you have to do is to put it on your fridge or any other metallic surface. Other than regular calendar days “Dorogaya” contains symbols such as: going on holiday, arrival, departure and various others. It won the Bronze at the Kiev International Advertising Festival in 2008.

  • Refrigerator Magnet Bottle Opener – Stainless





This piece is maybe the most useful fridge magnet ever. This clever piece is the right bottle opener when you will take an ice –cold bottle out of the fridge. It is ideal bottle opener for those situations when you want to drink something really cold. Everyone should have one. They are useful, good looking, nice and easy replaceable because of their non-scratch rubber backing. You just lift off the old one and stick it back on the replacement fridge.

  • Puzzle fridge magnet



You will love using this cool refrigerator magnet. All the pieces are combined in a colorful puzzle that comes directly from the stories adored by children. No matter if you are a child or adult, you will have a lot of fun using this fridge magnet on your fridge door.

  • Tree buttons

il_570xN.59167063  il_570xN.59167065 il_570xN.59167067


These pieces really could be the best gist for your friends and family. The tree buttons are handmade wood magnets. These pieces are very smooth and beautiful, being finished using 400 grill sandpaper and preserve exotic nut oil. The magnets are extremely strong.

  •  Ninja Shuriken Magnets




Use these refrigerator magnet when you want to post a note or deliver a secret message! Designed by Lee Weilang, these pieces combine the connotation of the most impressive weapon of ninja with the secret marks. That implies by default:  an announcement always includes a secret message!

  • Lego refrigerator magnet



A few Lego bricks, a couple of strong magnets, some super strong glue and a bit of skill and patience. A very easy way to color your fridge and have some pieces that kids will love.

  •  A little art piece in a refrigerator magnet




What would happen if instead of throwing empty cans of canned and jar lids we would transform them into custom refrigerator magnets? Using some glue, tin magnets, recycling some photos and little toys from our kids, we could have some fun and colorful fridge magnets.

  • Digiframe refrigerator magnet



A great little gadget called Digiframe – a combination of a mini photo frame and a refrigerator magnet. You can simply change the image using a USB cable, selecting a photo from your computer or smartphone and voila!  From your gadget right on your fridge!

  • Toy car refrigerator magnets

BFranklinCraftsCarMagnet (3)  BFranklinCraftsCarMagnet (1)


Simple but creative refrigerator magnets, for those who have boys! You could design and make a magnetic track too. So, your boys can play around you and you can simply survey them without them knowing.

  • Animals refrigerator magnets

il_570xN.638846148_t6lf  il_570xN.638848320_g3ag il_570xN.638849414_7ujj  il_570xN.673539690_edbl il_570xN.673545930_pidj


Funny handmade magnets for the fridge, made by plastic and a magnet on the base.

  • Cork planters as refrigerator magnets



Take these cork planters and bring the green in your kitchen. They are easy to make and look awesome on the fridge.

  • Magnetic fridge vases




A pretty and unique idea through its simplicity!. You need just a few simple things: cleaned out nail polish bottles, magnets, a very strong glue (E6000), some little flowers and, of course, water.

And…. Look! You will make perfect refrigerator magnet which add an unexpected touch to your kitchen.

  • Cube refrigerator magnet




This unique vase refrigerator magnets are handmade and can handle 1-3 flowers or grasses. They are made from wood treated with oil and wax in order to have a water repellent surface. These magnets have spare glasses, so your plants will live more.

  • Wine cork magnets

il_570xN.407081864_k2gh  il_570xN.407081846_rfdc


A very funny and creative idea for refrigerator magnets. Instead of throwing the wine corks, use them together with some magnets and glue and make this interesting and useful refrigerator magnet.

  • Fridge work station

bottom top



Do you want to be organized or at least to find some stuff in a kitchen where your child is running around? Turn old tins and wooden boxes into magnetic storage for the fridge.

  • Spices storage refrigerator magnets





These refrigerator magnet represent one great way to create extra storage for spices while the magnetic jars are reusable for futures spices. The hexagonal shapes of the jars fit together creating a spice-colored honeycomb pattern on your fridge.

  • Scrabble refrigerator magnets



Do you love Scrabble? Here is another great way to play! These scrabble pieces allow you to deliver your announcements to your family and also is a funny way to spend your time.

  • Refrigerator magnet terrariums






If you love tiny plants, you will definitely love these mini terrariums refrigerator magnets!. They are so gracious and can live without soil because the plants gather water and necessary nutrient from the air, through their leaves.

  • Shelves refrigerator magnet




These refrigerator magnets are simply, modular and useful. Personalize your kitchen and add some storage space.

  • Vintage robots collection refrigerator magnets




Are you in love with robots? Use this vintage refrigerator magnet to personalize your fridge.

  • Chocolate refrigerator magnets




For chocolate lovers. You may cover your whole fridge or just a part of it using this absolutely delicious refrigerator magnet!

  • Tetris refrigerator magnet



Tetris for anyone? These super cute pieces are refrigerator magnets! They come directly from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Rock refrigerator magnets




Do you have some rocks? Use your imagination! Pant them using some vibrant colors, cover them with some mat lacquer, glue a strong magnet on the back. And… voila! You have your custom made refrigerator magnets!

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