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How To Make Your Flyers Connect With Your Audience

How To Make Your Flyers Connect With Your Audience

A typical flyer is usually a one-way form of communication – a business has something to offer and they want the public to know about it. Flyers that are singularly informational in purpose can still get noticed, maybe even spark curiosity in some audience, but there’s a fine line between talking to your audience and speaking with them. To interact with your audience, your flyer should first engage and connect with your audience.

Here are some useful tips to make your flyers more audience-friendly and interactive:


Develop a voice for your brand. This is a purposeful and consistent way of speaking to your customers across all your marketing platforms, both in the tone of communications as well as writing style. Without a brand voice, your flyer tries to appeal to anyone and everyone, and from there, it’s hit or miss. More importantly, the voice of your brand is intended to speak to your target audience. One person at a time – and this is essential in establishing that connection.


With the information that keeps getting shoved in their faces, people are growing numb and indifferent. Instead of telling your audience what you want them to know, formulate a question that makes them think or feel that they would like to know the answer. Since every business has a different target market, there is no one size fits all approach to formulating the right question. Knowing what makes your audience tick will let you arrive at the right questions to trigger it, resulting in an instant connection. Furthermore, one question is usually enough; a barrage of questions are annoying and can even make your audience feel inadequate when they don’t know the answer.


Similar to having a unique brand voice, being original in your flyer content and style gives your customers a glimpse of what you have to offer. If you will be using the same catchphrases as your competition, for example, your audience will not have too much confidence in you. Instead of recycling and repurposing old ideas, come up with one of your own and develop it fully. If your audience found something they can’t get anywhere else they can obviously tell it.


Getting feedback or tagging on a survey to your flyer is another great way to connect with your audience. This works two-fold: you are letting your audience know that you value their ideas, and you’re giving them something to act on. Even if your flyer doesn’t lead to a sale, getting your audience’s feedback can help you deliver better products and services in the future.


Customer testimonials let your audience know that there are real people who trust your brand. When using a testimonial on a flyer, make sure that it is honest and direct to the point. Overly edited testimonials appear fake and unreliable and will only hurt your brand.

It may seem overly ambitious to expect so much from such a small piece of paper. But when your flyers connect with your audience, the returns will connect with your pocket.

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