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Fundraising Tips Using Car Magnets

Fundraising Tips Using Car Magnets

Car magnets are great for fundraisers because they appeal to a very wide audience. Everybody loves magnets, and a magnet that supports a cause gives it that added value.

Here are a few tips on how you can use car magnets to make your next fundraiser a success:

  1. Bigger car magnets are not necessarily better.

It is always important to keep in mind that the objective of fundraisers is exactly that – to raise funds. To effectively raise funds with car magnets, you should consider the production cost versus the sale price and selling potential. Bigger car magnets may seem preferable at first because you can sell them for a higher price. However, bigger items will have a smaller audience and higher priced items are harder to sell. Big car magnets may be too large for your potential customer’s car door or any other part of the vehicle. Also, some parts of the car could be made of fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic, and the remaining metal surfaces may be too small to fit a big magnet. It would be more practical to go with smaller car magnets that would cost less and appeal to a larger audience.

  1. A great design sells to a wider audience.

When raising funds using car magnets, you automatically have a good potential market for existing supporters of your cause, regardless of the magnet’s design. However, a successful fundraiser means that you appeal to the interest and support of a much bigger audience, and this is why your car magnet’s design is crucial. It’s no secret that there are consumers out there who buy something just because it looks good, but if you want a fundraiser that makes money and educates your customer about your cause at the same time, you want a car magnet design that communicates a message loud and clear.  Have several custom shapes and designs available for variety.

  1. Quality car magnets make a good, lasting impression.

Whether your customers will actually use the car magnet on their vehicles or not, it’s a matter of principle to provide the best quality product possible – a product you are personally proud of. Having a quality product also means that you can sell it at a premium price. Selling cheap magnets that chip or peel off after a short time will make people feel like they’ve been ripped off, and could dissuade them from supporting your cause in the future. When using car magnets for fundraisers, make sure that you have only vehicle grade magnets like the ones used by FMF.

  1. Promote and spread the word about your fundraiser.

A fundraiser would be useless if nobody knows about it. Make sure that you advertise your fundraiser through flyers, on your website, and/or by word-of-mouth. Better yet, use a big car magnet to get the word out – you’ll hit two birds with one stone, and even reach a much wider audience. The more people who know about your fundraiser, the higher the chance for success.

Follow these easy tips and get more people to support your cause. Get your custom car magnets at FMF and have a quality product you would be proud to sell.


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