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Effective Uses Of Magnetic Business Card

Effective Uses Of Business Card Magnets

The first marketing material that every person related to businesses (as business owners, freelancers, managers, sales agents and so on) should have is business cards. They help you not only to leave your contact data in a professional manner but also to advertise your business. Even with the introduction and development of the modern advertising techniques, the business cards must be a part of your marketing plan and advertising strategy.

In the past years, the business cards have gone through many changes, one of them being the increasing use of the magnetic business card.

One of the advantages of a magnetic business card is that they practice paperless marketing. Another great advantage is the great exposure that they can bring to every business that uses these tinny advertising tools. As I have mentioned many times, the magnetic business cards (as other fridge magnets) can be placed not only on the fridge doors but also on any metal surface, at home or in your office. Also, they can stay in front of your customers’ eyes for many years.

Small and medium companies use the magnetic business cards as part of their guerilla marketing strategy. They work for any business, regardless of the size of the company and the products or services offered. Keep in mind that when people see your business name on the eye level, they are likely to remember you. This means an increased chance of drawing new customers and reinforcing your brand.

Before designing your magnetic business cards, you must target your audience and know what they expect to see. The magnetic business cards design can be the same as the printed-paper business cards. Thus, becoming an extension of the latter. The magnetic business cards design can be complementary to the paper printed business card design. But it must be integrated into the overall company’s communication strategy. Being always in front of the customers and prospective eyes, the magnetic business cards design must include the logo. It also needs to include the contact data and the color scheme of your company, regardless of whether their objective is to increase brand awareness and recognition or to stimulate sales.

If you have set the objective of increasing sales using the magnetic business cards, you may include a coupon code in their design, in exchange for which the customer receives an incentive. For example, every time when the customer recites the code, he could get a percentage discount from the amount of his order or a small gift; but, in this case, you must be careful, because these small gifts could substantially increase your campaign costs. This way, your customer gets advantages from his orders and may become a loyal client for you. In addition, you have a tool to measure your campaign results.

For the distribution of your magnetic business cards, you may combine some distribution techniques, such as:

  • Place them into your packed orders
  • Distribute them with your flyers or brochures
  • Distribute them together with other marketing items, when you attend fairs and exhibitions and so on.

If you promote your company, you may stick the magnetic business card on your car panels (blow up the size for a better viewing).

Even if the magnetic business cards are not widely used, they can be very effective marketing tools. Order yourself a couple batches, test them and see what results you get. This marketing tool can help you to grow your business, without spending a large amount of money.


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