5 Easy Steps To Getting The Perfect Custom Car Magnet

5 Easy Steps To Getting The Perfect Custom Car Magnet

Whenever anyone goes through the trouble of getting anything customized, there is always that natural excitement of getting something that was just an idea transformed into something tangible. But between putting together the idea and actually holding the custom item in your hand, there is a lot of agonizing anticipation and hopeful expectation. This is especially true for custom car magnets, but with added strain, especially if it will be used for business.

To make sure that you’ve got all bases covered and those marketing dollars don’t go to waste, follow these 5 easy steps to getting the perfect custom car magnet for your business:

Step 1: Know what you’re made of!

Well, in this case, know what your car door is made of. A lot of manufacturers are now using aluminum or even fiberglass for car doors, and this obviously will not work.  An easy trick is to grab one of your fridge magnets from the kitchen and see if it’ll stick. Another thing to look out for are any bevels or molding – if so, you may need to adjust the size of your magnet, which brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Size does matter!

Once you’re sure your car door is magnet-friendly, it’s time to decide 1) what shape you want your magnet to be, and 2) how big you want it to be. FMF provides magnets in standard shapes, but you can get custom shapes made as well.  Always check your measurements!

Step 3: Let me introduce myself…

Your car magnet should clearly represent you and your company. As such, there are a few essential pieces of information to have on your magnet: your company name, logo, phone number, and website or your online platform. Some people feel that websites and phone numbers would be hard to remember, so it may also help to have a QR code. Adding a very short message or company slogan is advisable, especially if your business name does not clearly state what industry you’re in.

Step 4: Get creative!

Now that you know what information to put on your magnet, it’s time to create your design around that information and within your chosen magnet size. When using color or graphics, these should contrast with your car color to allow the magnet to stand out. Use graphics as needed, like to represent what your business does, otherwise, solid colors would be sufficient.  A clean and simple lay out is always best for car magnets.

Step 5: Start the count!

One car magnet is never enough! Take full advantage of your car’s potential by getting a magnet for each side of your vehicle. You can also ask other employees or friends and family to use your car magnets on their personal vehicles. This will surely help you get maximum exposure for your business.

Once you’ve completed all 5 steps, you’re ready to order. Contact FMF and get your car magnets in 10 business days, or avail of our Express Service for much faster delivery! The sooner you get that car magnet on the road, the better!

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