Fridge Door Facelift

Fridge Door Facelift

Getting tired of your fridge? Does it look tired, plain, or just too cluttered? When you look at your fridge door, do you go “Wow” or “Ugh”? Since your fridge is one of the first things you go to in the morning, that rectangular piece of an appliance can actually affect how you go about your day. Instead of being welcomed with lists and reminders and clutter in the morning, why not do yourself a favor and give it a much-needed facelift?

Check out these fridge facelift ideas that won’t break the bank:





Chalkboard paint is one of the cheapest ways you can give your fridge a makeover. Use just on the doors or all over, the charm and functionality is hard to argue. Remove the handle and lightly sand the surface to help the paint adhere to it. Now, you can actually apply the paint two ways: with a foam paint roller (to avoid brush marks), or using paint in a spray can (although this would cost more). Apply 2-3 coats, making sure each coat is completely dry before applying the next one.

Tip: Instead of using regular white chalk, use liquid chalk markers for more color and no chalk dust!




If you want to change the fridge’s look but are hesitant to make any changes irreversible, then removable peel-and-stick wallpapers are the best option for you. Start by removing the handle, then dampen the surface with a wet cloth for maximum cling. These wallpapers come in all sorts of colors, patterns, and designs, and are easy to install (only takes a couple of hours to cover your entire fridge), and the adhesive comes off easily should you decide that you want a different design down the line.

Tip: Use patterned wallpaper for the doors and solid color for the sides, or vice versa.




Beadboard panels give your fridge door that warm, cottage feel that looks customized and expensive. You don’t need to go to the professionals to get the beadboard panel on your fridge door, just the beadboard and chair rail (you can also use a couple of strap hinges and a handle to match). Substitute pine lining for beadboard, that way you can just get the number of planks you need, and they easily snap together. Stick the panels to your fridge door with polyurethane glue, use half-round molding for the edges, and paint to match your kitchen cabinets (or not!).

Tip: Give your paneled fridge door an aged look by lightly sanding the surface.




If you don’t want to change or touch your fridge’s finish, an excellent option would be to use fridge magnets – with a twist. Ever wondered how you could display those Instagram photos you’ve posted over the years? What about having a piece of art right on your fridge door? Turn your photos into magnets, or turn a Rembrandt or da Vinci into pixelated magnet art. There are many websites where you can turn your picture into pixel art for free!

Tip: Square magnets are the easiest to assemble on your fridge door, but you can have your magnets cut and customized any way you like. Contact FMF for your custom fridge magnets today!

Give your fridge a makeover and say goodbye to “Ugh” mornings forever!

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