Why Business Cards Still Matter

Why Business Cards Still Matter

Business cards seem outrageously old-fashioned and outdated, especially in this digital age. Many consider this as a waste of money and hugely impractical because almost anything you want to know about a business is already available online. Sadly, only those who have used business cards can fully appreciate their value, and those who have brushed aside their potential are missing out on key opportunities.

Here are 4 reasons why business cards still carry significance, and why no decent business should be without them:

  1. Business cards help build relationships.

People who have grown tired of mobile devices and internet have observed that the technology that is supposed to bring people together is the same catalyst for being disconnected from one another. People who are buried in their mobile phones are suffering from the extremes of being social and is the same case when it comes to making business connections and networking. Sending your contact information via text or email is convenient, but it reduces the interaction to just data sharing and leaves nothing tangible to mark the encounter. However, business cards help bridge this gap and make the exchange more personal and memorable.

  1. Business cards are great for direct marketing.

Marketing and advertising campaigns have the same goal of getting leads for business.  While both are equally crucial to any business, it relies on waiting for the lead or prospect to eventually take action. In face to face situations with the interested prospects, business cards can help transition the encounter from friendly chitchat to a real business opportunity.

  1. Business cards make great first impressions.

All business person would make an effort to have a good and lasting impression during the first-time conversation with a lead or prospect. This is rather difficult to achieve, especially if everyone else is thinking the same thing. A skillfully crafted business card can spell all the difference. Keep in mind that business cards are an extension of your brand. It’s your prospect’s first taste of what your business has to offer, and they get to take it home with them.

  1. Having business cards mean that you are prepared.

In a networking opportunity, it is embarrassing and uncomfortable to have someone’s card and not being able to offer an exchange. These can be rather awkward and can lead to a number of negative perceptions about you and your business.

Business cards still matter. But it’s also important to note that business cards will not get the job done on their own. Careful follow up with your prospects after the exchange is tantamount to building a relationship with them.

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