Fridge Magnets Say Goodbye To The Fridge

Fridge Magnets Say Goodbye To The Fridge


In the past years, more and more refrigerators are manufactured using stainless steel, aluminum, or even plastic.  This poses a problem for magnets, or rather, for you, as you probably collected a number of fridge magnets over the years. Some of these magnets may be gifts, promotional giveaways, or even tokens of your experiences and travels. It would be a waste to throw them away, especially if they carry some sentimental value. Rather than dispose of your magnets or keep them tucked away into oblivion, consider these simple yet creative options on how you can display (and show some love for) your magnets:





If you don’t have any magnet space, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make one (or two, or more!). All you would need would be a picture frame (preferably the ones you can hang), thin sheet metal in the same size as your frame (you can get this at your local hardware store), paint, and cleaning solution. Simply clean the sheet metal before painting, then insert the sheet metal like you would a regular picture.

Tip: You can use some thin fabric and spray adhesive instead of paint for a more interesting backdrop for your magnets.





With the invention of magnetic paint, nearly any flat surface can become magnetic. This is not your everyday item though, so you may have to get it online or go to the big hardware stores. Magnetic primer is usually black or gray in color and you will need several coats to get the desired magnetism. If you decide to paint over it to match your original wall color, its magnetic power will be reduced.

There is an alternative to paint, and that’s wallpaper – magnetic wallpaper, that is. You can get these wallpapers plain or printed, and there are magnetic wallpapers you can paint over too! Take it one step further and get a chalkboard magnet wallpaper for that multi-purpose wall.




If a magnet frame is too small and a wall is too big, you can go for magnetic boards instead. You can purchase ready-made magnetic boards (most double as whiteboards), but those have a very “at the office” feel. You can eliminate that office vibe by creating your own. For instance, you can purchase a metal backsplash for a stove, or even use cookie baking sheets (just make sure that they’re not stainless steel). You can paint over these materials without affecting the magnetism, and just attach a hook to the back and then mount on your wall.

Whichever your preference, there are many options available so you won’t have to say goodbye to your magnets. Utilize these ideas even if your fridge and magnets still work well together – having additional magnetic surfaces gives you a chance to expand your collection. On the other hand, if you find yourself inspired but don’t have enough magnets to display yet, you can always get custom magnets made by FMF!


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