Top 5 Businesses That Need Fridge Magnets

Top 5 Businesses That Need Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets are an excellent way to gently yet constantly remind your customers that your services are available. Regular calling cards can get easily misplaced, but fridge magnet can stay on the fridge door until somebody removes it. But if you’re one of these top 5 businesses, getting your fridge magnet removed is highly unlikely.


Who doesn’t need a freshly trimmed lawn every so often? Maintaining a lawn can be time-consuming though, and with a busy schedule, the overgrowth can just get away from those busy homeowners. What’s worse, if the community has strict policies about lawn care, violators can be hit with a fine. Which is why it’s so handy to have that phone number right on the fridge door. With one quick call, lawn problems are taken care of, and that homeowner can easily give you a call back the next time they need your services.


Nothing can be more frustrating than a leaky sink or a clogged drain. Many people would try some home remedies and DIY solutions, but when all effort is futile, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Busy people would just call for a plumber right away, and when the time is of the essence (e.g. a broken faucet threatening to flood the kitchen), wasting time trying to get a plumber’s number from a phone book just adds to the stress. A fridge magnet with the plumber’s information can save that homeowner from a rather wet day.


Having the vet’s contact details on the fridge door is a constant reminder that the pet owner should keep track of his/her pet’s regular check-ups and vaccinations. Furthermore, if the pet owner should have any questions, having easy access to the number to call would save them the trouble of hunting down the number or driving all the way to the pet clinic for a consult.


When something stops working, the wise thing to do is to call for a professional. Dealing with anything electrical should only be handled by those who are properly trained. Rather than risk the possibility of an electric shock, having an electrician’s number on the fridge door can prevent unfortunate accidents.


Car trouble is so common yet so unexpected. Getting it fixed right away is the only way to bring some normalcy back to the non-commuter. For people who know nothing about cars, having a mechanic’s number available on the fridge door can spell the difference between a minor problem and a disaster.

Obviously, these services are not needed on a daily basis. This is precisely the reason why having the contact information handy is of utmost importance. Having one quick phone call can mean that your fridge magnet can get you the business that would have been given to anyone instead.

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