Magnets Every Business Should Have

Magnets Every Business Should Have

The most effective marketing and advertising tools are those that you can see both in and out of the home. Now, consider those same tools and a) add the flexibility of being able to attach and detach them as needed, or b) let your customer do the work of sticking them to one of the most prominent surfaces in the home. What better way to promote and reinforce your brand and your business than with the use of magnets?

Here are four magnets every business should have that are inexpensive yet bring a substantial return on your investment:


Car magnets are a great way to get your business visibility on the road. Car magnets are way cheaper than those oversized billboards, and you are not limited to just one area – whenever your car is mobile, so is your sign. The remarkable thing is that these magnets still do the work even if you’re just parked on the street, running errands from point A to point B, or even if you’re simply stuck in traffic. And unlike car wraps, if you want to transform your vehicle back to a personal car, all you have to do is remove the magnet and simply reattach it for future use.


With the new year fast approaching, every business needs a custom calendar as a simple gift or a corporate giveaway. Most businesses opt for cheap poster calendars, which very few people hardly ever use – frankly, some of these calendars can be a huge eyesore and just don’t go well with the home’s interior décor, plus sticking or mounting them on a wall can leave permanent marks or damage. On the other hand, calendar magnets have earned their right on every home’s fridge door and perhaps can even help organize that cluttered surface.


Business cards are still essential in any business. In an attempt to veer away from the traditional 3.5 x 2-inch card size, many businesses are trying other shapes and sizes, which could be effective in making a business card stand out from a sea of other cards  – but being effective would only go as far as how visible the cards are. If everyone was tidy and organized, chances are your card will be kept with other cards plus your customer would have to specifically look for your card if they wanted to get in touch with you. If you had a magnetic business card, your information would always be visible on their fridge door, and there would be no chance of your card getting lost or misplaced.


Fridge magnets are an inexpensive and easy way to advertise in your customers’ home. Whether it contains your business information or anything that represents what you do, fridge magnets would be a constant reminder that they don’t have to look far to get in touch with you.

Whichever magnets you need, FMF can customize them for you. Choose one or get all four, and let your magnets attract more business for your store! And for all your printing and advertising needs, contact Adpost Group.

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