5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Print Your Business Card At Home

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Print Your Business Card At Home

When people think of business cards, the common notion is that it’s just a piece of paper with someone’s business information on it. Many people get the idea that it’s okay to simply create their business cards at home instead of getting them professionally made. Besides, how hard can it be to create a format that fits into a 3.5 by 2 inch piece of paper? The availability of DIY card printing kits also over simplify the process of creating a business card – with cardstock, practice sheets, template, and some format instructions, anybody can create a card.

What many people forget is that your business card is part of your first impression, and it’s the only thing that your potential client can take with them when your interaction is over. Trying to cut the cost of getting professionally made business cards, you may have actually shot yourself in the foot by giving a DIY card that looks anything but professional.

Here are a few noticeable drawbacks of having a business card made at home:

  1. EDGES

When using a card printing kit, the cardstock actually comes in perforated sheets, so when you go to separate the cards, those edges feel rough between your fingers. Professionally made business cards, of course, have smooth and even edges. If you didn’t use a kit and made the card from scratch, even the use of a paper cutter can have inferior edges.

  1. SIZE

When cutting a business card from a sheet, getting the right measurement may be easy, but you stack the cards, you will notice that no matter how careful you were in cutting, the sizes are still imprecise.


The print quality of your business card relies heavily on the quality of your printer. Personal printers may not give you an even finish in your printing, plus there is the possibility that the ink will smudge – then all you would have is a dirty business card. Using personal printers also means that you may be limited in cardstock choices, either in thickness or in texture.


One of the great features of a professionally made card is the option to have raised or embossed text on the paper. Some even utilize metallic accents on the cards. As expected, these options are impossible on a DIY business card.


Whether you use a DIY card printing kit or choose your own cardstock, you are stuck with the texture of the paper. Unlike in professional printing, you can have a gloss or silk finish, which adds more sophistication to the card, and frankly, feels better to the touch.

Whether you have a startup business or already have a stable company, there are things you need to invest in that are non-negotiable, and one of those things is your business card. If you want to put your best foot forward, forget the DIY card kit, and get your next batch of classy business cards from FMF.

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