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Getting The Most Out Of Your Custom Car Magnet: 5 Helpful Hints

Getting The Most Out Of Your Custom Car Magnet 5 Helpful Hints

Anything you spend on advertising or branding has to be a worthwhile investment. Quality car magnet are no exception, but there are several marketing tips to maximize the potential return on your investment.

Check out these helpful hints.


Signage that doesn’t grab attention is a waste of money. This is a challenge, especially on the road. Your car magnet will be competing for the attention of motorists who keep their eyes on the road, and their passengers who are probably on their phones or singing along to the radio, or whatever it is that keeps passengers occupied. You want a quality car magnet that commands attention but is not too loud and distracting – you don’t want to be accused of causing any accidents. Use contrasting colors and/or graphics that represent what you do. Keep your design simple and display only pertinent information: company name/logo, phone number, website.


Many businesses cut their advertising exposure in half by using only one side of the vehicle for the car magnets. Whether your vehicle is moving or parked on the street, you have the potential to attract the interest of people on all sides. Maximize your car magnet’s visibility by using both car doors, even the back door (for vans and SUVs). Get your employees to pitch in with your advertising efforts and have them use the quality car magnets when driving to work.


Speaking of maximum exposure, you want to make sure that your sign is seen and is seen by the right audience. Know your target audience and the places they frequent. Having your car parked in one spot all the time works for that area alone, so you might as well just hang a poster or banner. But if you want to reach a wider audience, get your car on the road. Now, you don’t want to be wasting fuel by driving around aimlessly. You don’t want to creep people out by circling the same block over and over. Find a reason to do business in the area and be a familiar face in the neighborhood.


You might think you’re getting a great deal by landing the cheapest manufacturer, but quality beats price any day of the week. Most of us love a quality car magnet that lives long and proud. Car magnets that are strong enough to stay on your car but doesn’t damage your car’s paint when you try to remove them. A quality that doesn’t chip or peels from exposure to the elements. You want vehicle grade car magnets from FMF.


Pay attention to your car magnet’s care and installation instructions. Treat your car magnets like any other investment – but this is an investment that travels with you. Make sure you apply your car magnets on clean and flat surfaces and properly store them when not in use. Taking proper care of your car magnets translates to getting more use out of them.

Follow these helpful hints and watch your car magnets deliver the results. Order your quality car magnets from FMF today!


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