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Driving A Car That Represents Your Company: 5 Non-negotiable Rules

Driving A Car That Represents Your Company 5 Non-negotiable Rules

Using a car magnet to advertise your business is not as simple as sticking it to the side of the vehicle. As long as that custom car magnet is visible, anyone driving the vehicle has the responsibility to heed the following rules:


Everyone should practice defensive driving and observe road courtesy. Apart from the obvious reason of road safety, it is imperative that you and your employees understand that both the vehicle and the driver represent your business – it says so right there on your car magnet. Sometimes all it takes is one irresponsible driver to give your company a bad rap and ruin your business.


Whether your car is on the road or simply parked outside your store, you have the potential to create an impression. A little film of dust on your personal car may not hurt your reputation, but the same thing on a vehicle with your business name on it can associate your business with sloppiness and laziness. If you can’t keep your car clean and presentable, then you’re better off removing the car magnet for the mean time. The same case applies to having unsightly dents or scratches on your car – all this creates is an unflattering representation of how your company works.


Picture an immaculate car with a company name proudly displayed on the sides, and the driver emerges looking like he/she just got dragged out of bed, looking like the remains of last night’s party gone wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your own vehicle or if it’s a company-issued car – the driver’s personal appearance can speak volumes about the company.


Everyone knows that it’s illegal to use a hand-held phone while driving. Imagine being written a ticket on the side of the road, and other cars are passing you by. When promoting your business and your brand, you don’t want to be caught breaking the law. Besides, getting caught or not, holding your phone while on the road is just risky and defies common sense. And if you should ever cause an accident because of your phone, your company name is automatically part of the chaos.


This is a no-brainer. Routine maintenance is necessary to keep your car in shape and avoid costly repairs in the future. Car trouble doesn’t just mean extra costs, though. Once again, having that car magnet on your vehicle means you represent the company; if you attract attention because your car sputters into a parking lot, your company name is there for the world to see. What’s worse, your car could break down on the road and cause traffic, and guess what those angry drivers behind you will see when they maneuver around you?

All these rules apply to anyone who drives, but the implications of disregarding these rules are more severe when representing a business. Whether on the road or parked on the street, these rules help protect your brand and your company image.



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