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Car Magnets Versus Car Wraps

Car Magnets Versus Car Wraps

Getting custom car magnets or car wraps can help you on expanding your audience reach and becoming more visible to your target market

Here are 5 very important factors to consider when choosing which vehicle sign to invest in:

  1. COST

Custom car magnets only cost a few dollars while car wraps can cost thousands. If you have more than one vehicle that you would like to have your sign on, the cost of ordering dozens of car magnets wouldn’t even come close to the price of one car wrap. In addition, car magnets are reusable, whereas car wraps are rendered useless once removed from the vehicle, not to mention the added cost of getting it removed professionally. Lastly, you can order your car magnets in different designs and just switch as needed – if you suddenly grow tired of your car wrap, you can’t just modify a portion of it.


Car wraps have a higher potential of attracting attention but sometimes the message can get lost because it is spread all over the car. Design layout would play a crucial role if you want a car wrap to effectively communicate your brand. Car magnets, though smaller, contain all the information you want to convey in that piece of material. You just need to position it correctly on your vehicle. Potential customers won’t need to walk around the car to get the information they need. Furthermore, you can have more car magnets at the fraction of the price of a car wrap. This means expanded exposure when you have multiple vehicles in multiple locations at one time. While a single car wrap has a relatively limited audience reach.


Custom car magnets are easy to install and remove. You just need to find a flat, smooth surface and make sure that the magnet is positioned correctly. Vehicle wrap installation is best left to the professionals.


Custom car magnets are intended to be removable. This is especially helpful if you or your employees use personal cars on the job. A huge advantage of car magnets is when there are communities or areas that prohibit commercial vehicle parking. Car wraps would need to be parked inside your garage or otherwise covered when your vehicle is not in use.


Both car magnets and vehicle wraps come with proper care and maintenance instructions to extend their lifespan. Car magnets should be removed and cleaned at least once a week but some manufacturers recommend daily removal and cleaning. On the other hand, car wraps require cleaning at least once a week. It is also recommended to be cleaned by hand using water and a mild detergent. Having it cleaned at an automated wash is not recommended. Strong jets of water and brushes can damage the car wrap. Car magnets simply need to be detached when going to an automated carwash.

Car magnets clearly have the upper hand when it comes to advertising with your vehicle. Order your quality custom car magnets at FMF today and watch your investment drive your company on the road to success!

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