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Custom Car Magnet Considerations

Custom Car Magnet Considerations

Car magnets are a great and inexpensive way to advertise your business on the road. But like any sound investment, you want to make sure that careful attention is given from start to finish. You want to make certain that your signage effectively represents your brand and communicates your message. Before getting a car magnet that will literally take your business places, consider these five factors that will affect how your custom car magnet turns out:


Simplicity is key. Many people make the mistake of overloading car magnets with numerous details about their business. As is the case with most advertisements, less is more. Too much information can confuse your audience and make them lose interest. Since your potential customers only have a few seconds to look at and absorb your sign, you need only provide the most essential information: company name/logo, phone number, and website. If your business name does not clearly imply what services you provide, name one or two of your services, or use graphics to depict this. If you have a brick-and-mortar store that only caters locally, include your city or state. Above all, your information should be readable, even from a passing vehicle.


Whether your vehicle is parked or on the road, you want your car magnet to get noticed. Using full color graphics on your design is one of the best ways to achieve this. The right graphics will also make it easier and faster for your audience to understand what you offer. Consider billboards that grab your attention while driving – what visual elements are used? What image best represents what you do? Your design should be clear but not overpowering because your audience still needs to pay attention to your business name, at the very least. Make sure there is enough contrast between the image and your business information.


Some people would draw inspiration from their business cards, or even use the exact same format for their car magnets. Now, there is nothing wrong with using the same design. In fact, a similar designs can create a cohesive feel for your business. However, this only works if you already have a killer design in the right resolution. Zoom in on your design ad check the image quality. Better yet, get your manufacturer’s expert opinion.

  1. SIZE

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a car magnet manufactured and ready to install, only to find out that it’s either too small or too large for your car door. Also, check the surface where you plan to stick your car magnet – does it have bevels or auto molding? More importantly, check what your car door is made of; fiberglass or aluminum car doors obviously won’t work.


Choosing the right company to print your custom car magnets can make or break your investment. Go with a reputable company that promises quality without drilling a hole in your pocket.

At FMF, your business will really go places. We use full UV 6 color ink, and weather and heat tested vehicle grade magnets that give you the highest quality car magnets in the market. When your brand is on the line (or on the road), car magnets help spread the word.

You can also contact Adpost Group for all your printing and advertising needs.

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