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Wise Marketing Ideas with good Return on Investment

Wise Marketing Ideas with good Return on Investment


A few days ago I met with a friend who has a restaurant with home delivery service. The meeting took place in his office, which is placed in the same building as his restaurant. Discussing different issues, inevitably we arrived to business.

His great dissatisfaction is that although he had few indoor campaigns, some OOH, several flyer direct mailing campaigns, some sponsorship – he supports a kindergarten, they appear not to have the expected results.

A quick calculation shows that so far he has invested a lot of money in these marketing ideas, achieving some minor results, but the problem is still here:

  • His company brand awareness is low
  • His company brand recognition is small
  • The sales increase is not what he had expected

In these circumstances, of course, the discussion was held around of a single topic: marketing tools with good Return of Investment. There are many, but because he owns a restaurant with home delivery food service and he is involved in the community by supporting a kindergarten, I have preferred to approach two marketing tools that have a very good ROI: the fridge magnets and the button badges. Though many marketing professionals consider them guerilla marketing ideas, specific to the small and medium companies, the fridge magnets and the button badges could be used by almost all companies, regardless of their sizes.

In the past years, these two items became very popular, because of their advantages:

  • They are very affordable
  • You can be as creative as you want
  • The fridge magnets and the button badges can be used both for the increase of the brand awareness and sales
  • They offer great exposure for your company
  • They last for a long time; depending on their design, the fridge magnets could last for years
  • They can be distributed very easy
  • They could be considered as itself campaigns or they could be a part of an integrated campaign and so on

Before starting the designing, production, and distribution of the fridge magnets and of the button badges, you must keep in mind that they must be integrated with your overall marketing strategy.

Also, here are a few steps which you should follow:

1.    Know your targeted audience
2.    Set up an objective for your fridge magnet or button badges campaigns
3.    Use your company logo and the company’s color scheme, in order to speak one language and advertise your brand

Following there are some simple tips regardless the usage of the fridge magnets:

1.    If your objective is the increase of your sales, you may include a coupon code in the fridge magnets design; based on this, your customer gets a percentage discount from the amount of his order; or a QR code, if you want to increase the visitors on your website

2.     You may turn your paper business cards into magnetic business cards and distribute them in a flyer marketing campaign

3.     You may add your local community events calendar in the fridge magnets design and distribute them

4.     Magnetic shopping lists or magnetic notepads which are designed  using your company’s color scheme and logo would be also great ideas to promote your business to your local market

5.      If you support a cause or a local school/football team/kindergarten, you may print their events calendar on magnets and distribute them

Regardless of the badge buttons, there are also many ways to use them in order to advertise your business. Following there are some tips:

1.    If you support a cause, you may design and print the badge buttons including your logo into their designs

2.    If you support a school or a kindergarten, you may have some funny promotional badges and distribute to the children. You could also use the badges as rewards in different contests, as “the best painter”, “the best musician”, “the best athlete” and so on

3.    If you have a product campaign, a good idea is to include an image related  to your product into the design of the badges

4.    When you organize a specific sales campaign, you may design and print badges related to it and give them to the employee for wearing during of this event

5.    You might give button badges to customers that buy a product or service from you, as an incentive for their effort

These are only a few ideas about how you can use two of the most effective and affordable marketing tool.  You may use them as a specific marketing action or you may combine them. Also, you could integrate them in larger communication campaigns.


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